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The parallels between Holosound (aka: Alex Fish), and the sound for which he has become known are innumerable. Driven; polished; engaging; consistent—these descriptors apply as much to the music as they do to the man himself—and the parallels don’t end there. Since the birth of Holosound in 2004, Alex has built upon each milestone of his success methodically, intelligently and creatively—the very same principles he relies upon while crafting the cohesive aural landscapes that define his extraordinary sound and have given rise to his growing global following.

The Holosound style has been characterized as as “warm, driving tech-house with a pinch of electro,” but that truly only tells part of the story. Holosound’s rich, immersive sound creates a vibe which is as well-suited for urban summer rooftops as it is for gritty late-night caverns. Like many of today’s great artists, Alex reaches beyond the conformities and limitations of genre-based stereotypes and draws upon a multitude of musical influences to create his own distinctive sound—winding and weaving seductive melodic landscapes and deep progressive basslines with the crisper percussive elements of techno and the textured synths found frequently in electro-house. His willingness to blend these disparate elements—and his skill at pulling it off—results in a sublime amalgamation of styles that fills rooms, moves dance-floors and leaves a trail of satisfied crowds in its wake.

Since it’s inception as a two-man production-oriented enterprise in 2004, to it’s current state as a one-man powerhouse, Holosound’s reputation for quality and consistency has permeated many corners of the global dance-music community and caught the attention of discerning club-goers and musicians alike. Following the exceptional success of Holosound’s monthly headlining night, “Citric,” at The Vault in New York City—a night which ran unbroken for four years straight—Alex and his former production partner, Noah Becker, launched Citric Recordings in 2008. The launch of the label—which has featured artists Kris B, Andy Newland, Mike Kiraly, Lukas Greenberg and others—was successful by all accounts, although an increasingly divergent set of interests led the duo to split amicably later that year in order to pursue separate opportunities.

Continuing Holosound as a solo endeavor has provided Alex the freedom to continue developing and refining the unique sound which he had already begun bringing from city-to-city as the de facto touring half of the former partnership. With appearances from Tokyo to Toronto, Helsinki to London, Phuket to Estonia and all over North America—Alex has been turning heads and earning the respect of his fans and peers the world over. His unique style and knack for energizing dance-floors has also helped land Holosound gigs in support of many of the world’s top DJs—including Luke Fair, Satoshi Tomeii, Josh Wink, SOS, Kaskade, Audiofly, Desyn Masiello and others. In addition to live performances, Alex continues to attract followers through outlets such as his long-standing North2South installation on Frisky Radio. The monthly show—whose enormous following earned Holosound “Artist of the Month” honors—has been a staple on the site since it’s introduction in 2006, and continues to be a major outlet for spreading his unique musical style all around the world.

Touring the world and occupying coveted slots on global dance-music radio outlets would represent a dream completed for most—but Alex has even bigger ambitions. In early 2009, he launched Holobound Theory Recordings—his own record label, and the platform from which he will continue to offer original Holosound productions and remixes, as well as fresh new releases from the expanding network of unique talent he has encountered on his journeys across the globe. The production and remixing outlet provided by his label are the perfect compliment to his live performances and steady stream of globally-distributed studio mixes. In many ways, the label’s launch represents the completion of Alex’s foundation as a musician with prodigious reach and global relevance—leaving no major corner of the dance music landscape unattended. His previous remix work (for Kaskade, Kris B, and for Alanis Morisette on her Not As We track) has proven that Alex has what it takes to cut it in the studio as proficiently as he does in the DJ booth. With years of steadily-built success behind him, a globally successful radio show, a brand new label, a slew of forthcoming releases and an ever-growing fan base, Holosound stands ready to turn the dance-music world on its ear—and when you’re dealing with a sound as solid as his, that’s a great place to be