Hitman Beatport


DjHITMAN, started his DJ career over a decade ago. In 1992, he heard a mix tape by none other than Chicago’s very own “Bobby D” The mix peaked his interests…not only because of the smoothness of it’s blends, but especially because of the clever manipulation of the songs and the masterful editing that made Bobby D famous. This tape inspired DjHITMAN to create his own mixes.

In 1993, he started spinning, and DjHITMAN was born. By 1994, DjHITMAN had released his first mix, “SERB STYLE Volume 1.” It incorporated the new, Euro-Dance sound sweeping the world over with Ethnic Songs re-vamped into High Energy Dance music. SERB STYLE was the first mix of its kind, and was destined for imminent success. Sales were astounding: Over the course of 1 year, SERB STYLE made its way through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Ohio, portions of Canada, and even being sold through some of Europe!! Given it’s worldwide notoriety, a second volume was bound to be created. In 1995, “SERB STYLE 2: Back By Popular Demand,” was officially released. Much like its predecessor, SERB STYLE 2 was an extreme success.

Over the course of the next several years, DjHITMAN steadily climbed the ranks in the Chicago dance scene, playing a variety of venues, loft parties, clubs, and raves. After CONFUSION’99, DjHITMAN released the first mix volume of his new mix CD series entitled “ELEVATIONS Level 1” on his newly established record label, 3amRecords. The mix featured a blend of New York vocal house, Trance, and Hard Progressive tunes. Though it was released in January, it wasn’t until Spring 2000 that the CD really made its mark.

In March 2000, DjHITMAN brought ELEVATIONS Levels 1 & 2 with him to Cancun, Mexico. The CDs caught the attention of the music/events coordinator of OASIS hotel, and soon enough, the staff had begun playing and selling DjHITMAN’s CDs at the OASIS Beach Parties. The CDs were such a success that they sold out in 3 days! DjHITMAN’s popularity grew, and by the end of his Mexico vacation, he played at some of the most famed events and clubs in the world, including the OASIS Beach Parties, Dady O’s, and La Boom.

Today, DjHITMAN has grown both 3amRecords and his ELEVATIONS mix series into the achievements they have become. In Fall of 2004, he released his first 12" vinyl release, “HITMAN001.” What’s next for DjHITMAN and 3amRecords? Only time will tell…