Top 50k on The DJ List

Hitesh Rathod

Mumbai, India



Deejay.Hitesh, 16 from India started off his musical journey at the beginning of adolescence. This unconventional guy born to a very conventional and conservative family has bent the rules with his talent and free spirited will. He’s down to earth, low profile yet extremely focused guy. For him it’s always being his music over everything, be it his academics or personal life. He is a guy who is al…ways hooked up making music ranging from electronica to desi beats. The outcome- Awarded India’s youngest and the most creative electronic music producer.

He is serious when it comes to his never ending love for music production. His passion for experimenting music has given him the motivation to test convention and pursue music more than just a passing hobby. What started off as mere jockeying with his collection of mp3s at local parties and gatherings, post-schooling escalated into a serious business of music production. Mixing and re-mixing music of the genre of his interest became his daily dose of survival. He is open to diverse sounds and loves