United States

Hiroki Beatport


DJ Hiroki’s musical birth began in the back seat of a silver 1974 Buick Skylark.

It was here that his mom would drive around town and listen to the likes of Chuck Mangionie, Simon and Garfunkel and Chaka Kahn. His babysitter on the other hand pounded classic rock into his brain. That was just the beginning…..

As any other dj that grew up in Chicago will tell you, the influences of 80’s/90’s radio took hold of many ears. Many WBMX and early B96 House mixes were recorded religiously every weekend and Hiroki was a devout follower. On the flip side he also fell in love with hip-hop, electro and 80’s synth pop.

It seemed as though every memory in his head could be connected with a certain song or style of music.

His love for music made him search out places like Medusa’s (on Sheffield), Limelight and countless hotel parties. But, it wasn’t till around 91/92 that the rave/loft party bug caught Chicago and Hiroki’s heart and soul. Every chance that he got he would dance till the wee hours of the morning to the likes of Derrick Carter, Miles Maeda and Mark Farina. This is where his appreciation for the dj and his dedication to music was born.

Since then, Hiroki has held many spots in every one of Chicago’s top clubs including Empire Liquors (where he is currently the creative director) Angles and Kings, Rehab @ Evil Olive, Debonair Social Club, Sound-bar, Slick’s Lounge, Mad Bar (where he produced/promoted an influential night of drum and bass, hip-hop and down-tempo called Chrome) Lava, Zentra, Red #5 and a 4 year residency at both Y-Bar and internationally beloved Crobar Chicago.

He has also played alongside the likes of Derrick Carter, Jesse Rose, Kool Keith, Mark Farina, De La Soul, Afrika Bambatta, Grooverider, Fabio, Spinna, Dj Heather, Miles Maeda, Goldie, Dj Rap, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Mixmaster Morris, Craze, Klever, Biz Markie, Dj Ayers, Flosstradamus, Collette and Grandmaster Flash. This eclectic list continues to grow everyday.

His fresh roasted blend of House, hip-hop, down-tempo, R&B and obscure

records will have you shakin’ that ass and asking yourself “Where in the

@#%# did he find that record?”