Hiras Beatport


Hiras is a dj-producer born in Greece. He has been DJing since the age of 15. His passion for music was brought forth at the tender age of 7 years old when his parents gave him his first music instrument, a Yamaha mini keyboard. For his first steps in music, he played music at school parties. In the 80’s he started to play mainly the radio hits of the time, but he hadn’t found what he was looking for.

Even though his age was young, he started to listen to and collect scarce vinyl of acid, garage, psychedelic, and 60’s. The “Eight Miles High” by Byrds and “I Had To Much To Dream” by Electric Prunes established his choice in music.

In the early 90’s with the burst of electronic dance scene, he started to play in the new born clubs. He was the first in Greece who supported and promoted that kind of music, without forgetting the sound of New Order, Happy Monday’s, and Stone Roses. Over the next few years dance music was an all-consuming passion in his life, so he played out in well-known clubs in Greece.

In 1993 he formatted his first electronic band until 1995. In the years that followed, he spent long hours in his home studio so as to create his own distinctive style and sound.