Born July 8, 1971 in Johannesburg, South Africa and having lived in Mauritius and Europe for many years while traveling around, HiLs has been a DJ for quite some time now, having moved from Black Music to Dance to House Music he landed on Progressive Trance with a touch of Tribal beats kicking its way in the middle.

With all those influences gathered during his 10 years experience as a DJ, he could never be pinpointed to one particular style, he is always taking the crowds by surprise by simply dropping the unexpected beat to get them kicking harder on the dance floor. His sets are known to be raw and eclectic which has made his reputation on the circuit. “I have never gone to a gig and spun a preprogrammed set. It’s always a new experience for me with every gig I play.”

“While DJing I discovered that it is not only about playing one record after another, but mostly the communication between the DJ and the people on the floor. I learned to read the crowd with all the different beats and vibrations passing between us, and how to take the crowd on a trip while creating an atmosphere in which the people can feel free”

Being the first to drop a Progressive set in Mauritius when he freshly returned from a long stay in Europe, he took everyone by surprise and started a new trend without any hesitation and there on was followed and mimicked by the rest.

He is undoubtedly the most innovative and experimenting DJ on the island, always ready to play something unheard off or unexpected and ready to make a difference, moving from trance to progressive to breaks, with the ever constant denominator of a funky vocal set on top of it all.

HiLs has played most of the local Clubs and was the first DJ in Mauritius with MiaTansen to have a Progressive and Underground set played on the local airwaves in Mauritius on Cool FM the first local FM Stations which followed by sets on Radio Plus, Radio 1 and Top FM.

His sets on Cool FM became popular and brought the Underground Music to the masses in Mauritius, thus giving birth to a new trend on the island. The sets played are known to be the landmarks for Progressive House and Underground music in Mauritius.

Having played in Europe and South Africa he has built a reputation and is nick named “Hils the Kills” for his persistent use of cutting frequencies and mashing up 2-3 records so as to create a new track from the beats in his bag.

“I guess I will always be the Underdog on the island for various reasons, the idea of using unique sounds, and working with different sounds to create something new and fresh on the dance floor is stronger than me, the urge of taking the crowd by surprise is some what perverse, killing the bass and then banging it on them really makes my blood rush at the speed of light, dropping the unexpected vocal on the tracks from nowhere and watching the punters expression is quite a thrill”

Anyone who wants to experience the difference has to just take the trip, listen, enjoy while being inspired, for our music never stops evolving what so ever.