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High Caliber

United States

AKA: Bryan Jones, Mike Gillenwater

Ammo, Ammo Recordings, Carizma
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Mike Gillenwater and Bryan Jones have been making music together for the last 8 years. In 2002 they formed High Caliber and most recently they have been working on house music. So far they have recorded for Olive Records, Nocturnal Recordings, Nine Records, Boulevard Status, Ammo Recordings, Kontrast Recordings, A Squared, Musique Multimedia and Faded Muzik to name a few.

Some of their records have already been played and charted by some of the industry’s biggest djs including Bad Boy Bill, DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood, Paul Van Dyke, Angel Alanis, Hatiras, CZR, The Rhythm Masters, Joey Beltram, Judge Jules, Tall Paul, Vitamin D, Rees Urban, Stonebridge, and many others. High Caliber has also done remix work for CZR, Angel Alanis, Rees Urban, and Synthique (Max and Brian). Within the last year and a half High Caliber has sold close to 10,000 copies of their music worldwide.