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Hideyo Blackmoon

Chill Out

Phantasm Records, Wakyo Records
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Hideyo Blackmoon, born in Japan and based in Ibiza, is an internationally recognized female electronic composer, producer, vocalist, DJ.

She is regarded as one of the premiere visionaries in the underground electronic music scene, gaining recognition since the late 80’s in Tokyo, She started her professional music career in late 90’s, has been heavily influenced by club culture, outside festivals, new age scene, etc. She has lived a nomadic lifestyle, performing around the globe at international music festivals including several solar eclipse festivals since 2001; Solstice(JP), Solipse(Zambia), Burning Man(USA), Rainbow Serpent (AU), Soulclipse (Turkey), Boom (PT), Doof (IL), Sonica (IT), Khan Altay (Russia), Universo Paralello (BR), Amami Eclipse Fes (JP), Eclipse 2012 (AU) etc.

Her first album “Blackmoon”, done in collaboration with different artists, including Gus Till, Lenny Ibizarre, Deep Dive Corp, Master Margherita, Tjak and others, contains ethnically influenced ambient songs in Hideyo’s native Japanese. Originally released in 2009 by Ibizarre Record, it now appears in the catalogue of Space Tepee Music.

Hideyo’s second CD release, “Chakra Dance”, inspired by her experience in dance therapy, allows the listener to experience a powerful sonic exploration of the seven major chakras. All the compositions are hers.

The third album “White Sun”, to be released by Space Tepee Music in 2014, is Japanese ethnic chill out ambient. All tracks are composed by Hideyo, and here again the songs are in her native Japanese.

An ethereal vocalist and enigmatic performer, Hideyo Blackmoon, captivates her audiences with her meditative presence and femininity. Wherever she performs she evokes sacred space and conscious sound which is enhanced with Techno, House, Ambient, Chill-beat, Chill-step, Psychedelic and Hypnotic music styles.