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Hideo Kobayashi

Nagano, Japan

House, Tech House

Apt. Int'l, Apt. International, DeepWit Recordings
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HIDEO KOBAYASHI a.k.a. Yellow Diamond, Nagano Kitchen(w/Jerome Sydenham) , is a native of Nagano, Japan. Hideo Kobayashi currently resides in Nagano and Tokyo where he is a full time DJ, producer and remixer. At age four, Hideo began playing classical piano. By reaching the age of ten, he discovered techno pop, a new form of music which inspired his musical direction. Around age fifteen, he began to actively pursue his love of music taking various Tokyo night club’s center stage. He soon won the audience’s attention by the means of recordings he composed with synthesizer, sequencer and rhythm machine. After years of traveling, he made his way to San Francisco in 1999. It was here that he realized his new love, the West Coast House music and night life culture. Captivated by the power of the DJs and the reaction of the crowd in the local House scene, he cozies up to the sound of the underground dance music while developing his authentic signature production. Hideo is capturing the attention of audiences worldwide with his production of various styles of House Music which include vocal house, deep house, and funky tech house. In the Tokyo club scene alone, he has played such notable venues as: Loop, Module, and Space Lab Yellow. He currently has a residency at Yellow to name a few. Being versatile in musical styles (he plays nu-jazz, breaks, tribal/house, deep. tech house and techno). Currently, Hideo has a score of releases and schedule projects on labels like Apotek, Ibadan, Chez, OM, Soulstar, Transport, Reverberations and his Tokyotronic. Hideo has opened many doors for himself and represents the best in DJs worldwide. He is definitely a name to watch for. His production catalogue is expanding day by day.