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Hibernate’s music is not consumed by trends or genres. It is freely expressive yet perfectly accessible, without falling into stereotypes. Over-categorization is what keeps electronic music shackled and obscure, and often very boring. At a time when everything we hear seems to fall into some finite category, Hibernate (Joseph Michael Borg) has done just the opposite: define his own style of composition and production.

Hibernate’s first major release, “OCD”, showcases elements of popular genres such as trance, breakbeat, house and retro, but without ever falling subservient to them. These familiar or ‘trademark’ sounds are sometimes used as a foundation onto which timeless, melodic songs are written. The songs of “OCD” are deeply electronic, yet wonderfully musical and organic. Most of them would transfer smoothly into any style of acoustic or guitar based music – the mark of quality song writing. Vocally, Hibernate is a complete departure from most electronic music, having more in common with 80s pop or even 60s psychedelia.

In the future, Hibernate intends to continue toward unique dimensions musically and lyrically,while expanding on the major strengths of ‘OCD’: infectious, catchy melodic layers imposed over brooding moods and deep moving rhythms.