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Lima, Peru

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno

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“hexis” is a Peruvian solo project born in 2005 manipulating frequencies to create distorted environments. Over time the sound led to experimental sequences he was shaping, influenced by Industrial and Noise music. However, all this work was kept in a very private circle.

In 2010 decides to make public their tracks releasing “Everyday is Doomsday,” first album which includes experimental electronic tracks sounding a bit rough, without even thinking about to keep producing. Thereafter becomes more experienced remixing tracks for bands from different genres and developing in parallel his DJ role.

One year later, participates in the compilation “(AE)Quilibrium 2 Digital Reconnection” Mutant-E Records with a more evolved style song called “Schwarz”, as preview of his next album. This opens the doors for other compilations and working with other bands in the same field.

Recently “hexis” just released his second production with Mutant-e Records, called “PORNOISE” with a higher aggressive load and a more solid style, showing a more melodic work hand in hand with the Power Noise genre.