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Het Meisje

Haarlem, Netherlands

AKA: Barbara Van Limburg Stirum

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It was her older brother who introduced Barbara to vinyl when she was 13 years old. The love for music was born. When he left the parental house, his music equipment went as well. Tirelessly, she continued practicing long hours at the piano, but deep inside she craved for the stronger beats.

Barbara got captivated by the Amsterdam nightlife when she was 16 and with it she discovered Minimal and Techno. She loved its dark tones and raw beats, already played by some of her heroes.

Later on, Barbara was taught how to digitalise her sets by her close friend (and mentor) Joris. The first small gigs – mostly afterparty’s – came her way.

It was her performance two years later at an after party of Zeezout, that gave her a big head start, resulting in a position as Resident DJ at the bookings agency Zeezout.

Currently she is focused on producing her own music; music with a feeling.