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Rome, Italy

Electro House, Electronica

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Henry Falappa in art “Henryfi” begins to cultivate his passion for music at the age of 12 years, mainly through the study of classical piano that carries on for several years gaining more and more the classic sense of rhythm that the study requires. Over time he feels the need to lean out of the classical world to explore and experiment with new forms and new musical sensations, joined at the piano initially a classical guitar to switch to electric shortly after. At the completion of his eighteenth birthday Henryfi performs a key step in his musical education, has always been fascinated by the art of DJing and their world, decided to merge musical experience gained up to now with it, creating a new form if , determined to find an original style devoted to testing a new sound. Shelves keys and ropes to experience new sensations of the House scene first and then deal with all its nuances through the teak-house to electro-house. A journey that lasts until the age of 23 years where he was able to perform in numerous clubs and Romans become familiar with new “tools”, improving growing techniques and creativity in mixing various DJ sets. His live is full of sounds decisive, essential, but at the same time great rhythm, a sound-form capable of expressing clearly the musical message. His style electro / nuwave is characterized by brilliant sounds and abstract electronic music, taking the upper hand in his set, making aggressive with full, deep bass that hit straight and dazzling sounds acid / rock.

Currently resident and co-founder of the project wooow! emerging club culture of the Roman evening devoted to electronic music.