Music has been a lifelong passion for Hendo, one that started at a very early age. Ranging from hip-hop, to alternative, and all the way to jazz, his appreciation and knowl... read more
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Music has been a lifelong passion for Hendo, one that started at a very early age. Ranging from hip-hop, to alternative, and all the way to jazz, his appreciation and knowledge of music covers a very broad spectrum. Fascinated by the synthesized electronic beats during the height of the Breakdancing Era, Hendo started mixing, cutting and scratching hip-hop beats at the age of 11. Learning the fundamentals of turntablism on his own, without guidance or any formal musical background is just one example and Hendo’s innate connection with music. Shortly after he met the underground scene, his ardor for mixing and creating beats was unleashed like never before. Since 1999, Hendo has been expressing his talent and devotion to electronic music by making it sound magnificent!

If there is one word to describe Hendo’s style, that word would be perfection. As is his nature, he must perfect every melodic beat and note to produce the precise blend of musical harmony. His mind is technical as his heart is rhythmic. Dark, uplifting, or pounding your heart and mind, his music never fails to enmesh the listener into a different place and time ? an intuitive and sacred connection between a dj and his audience. Soon his music overpowers all your senses, as he masterfully manipulates every pounding beat. His music is a rhythmic voyage, guiding you through an intense spiritual and profound journey indescribable by words. Diverse and ever-changing, Hendo’s taste in spinning electronic beats is limitless as his potential. His ability to fuse house, techno, and trance, blending it all together with his signature heart pounding progressive electro house is a unique style that has transformed Hendo into the artist he is today.

This proven artist has certainly made quite an impact, having performed at numerous clubs, undergrounds and events since his emergence in 1999. He has shared the decks with many of the most notable artists over the years. A few including: Fred Numf, Mauro Picotto, BT, Infusion, Dave Dresden, Sandra Collins, Christopher Lawrence, Simon & Shaker, Pig & Dan, D-Formation, Lexicon Avenue, Dylan Rhymes and many others. Currently Hendo has started work on his own production and will certainly make an even bigger impact with original releases due out later this year. While this is only one facet of Hendo’s multi-dimensional talent, his influence and contribution to the Los Angeles electronic dance community extends much deeper. In 2001, Hendo along with 3 of his business partners began laying the foundation for a new weekly underground after-hours in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Neither had any idea they were about to embark on one of the longest running weekly after-hours in Los Angeles, a weekly Friday event called RED.

Heading into its 8th year of operations, RED has been a key factor and responsible for transforming the L.A. electronic dance scene into what it is today. As the music director of RED, as well as the first “RED-sident” from the first day RED opened its doors, Hendo has found a harmonious balance and a synergy of this dual function by only allowing one to propel the other. The success of this intuitive mindset is reflected by accolades such as the prestigious title of ?#1 Afterhours in Southern California? by New Times LA ? twice in RED’s early infancy. In 2007, RED achieved another milestone as 1 of 4 finalists for ?America?s Best Club? during WMC’s Best of 2006 Awards hosted by IDMA.

Despite all these achievements Hendo remains true and modest to his musical roots, constantly evolving and adding to his magnificent repertoire, each set he plays being better than the last. The end result combines infinite progression with clockwork consistency – an awesome synergy guaranteed to move any crowd, any time Hendo commands the dance floor!