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Baia Mare, Romania


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Dj Hellyanna borned on 16 December 1983 in a small city of Romania called Baia Mare City,on her real name Costaniuc Stela Ecaterina.She had passion for music and artistic entertainment since a little kid. At only 3 years old she has her first and last actress debute on stage where she act the main character for The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen wich was verry apreciated but she had to quit acting because her parents never alowed her to cause they were thinking she is to young for acting.

She participate in kindergartner and school at festivals acting,singing and dancing.Since a little she was a good singer and she always dreamed to become a singer one day.

Durring school when she was 8 years old she participated at 2 singing contest festivals were she earned 2nd and 3rd place.

At 13 years old she studied modern dance and performing it in school festivals.

In 2005 she studied canto at the School of Arts where she participated at 2 contest festivals earning 5th place and 2nd place.After 1 year she quit studying canto because personal problems.

Her passion for trance music came from the first time trance music was heared on tv and radio stations in 1996-1997 and when she started goin clubing with friends she made a passion for dj-ing.In 2008 she bought some dj equipement and few lights and she start dj-ing at few private partys in 2008 then in 2012 playing different genres that people asked,like dance music,latino,pop and house.

In january 2013 she had her first debute as internet radio dj and now she is playing with trance music how she always wanted.Still a beginner in her dj career she keep learning everyday to improve her mixing talent.

She performed first at Pronet Trance Radio her weekley podcast show called On A Trance Trip every wednesday and later her show was broadcasted at Trance-Energy Radio where she became a ressident dj.

In august 2013 she became resident to another online radio station called Active Trance Radio were she broadcast another trance podcast called Tech Trance Madness wich is broadcasted every friday.