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The influence of his father, together with an inborn love and restlessness for music, took Helena to become a sound engineer and work as a post-production sound designer. This, plus her taste for terror films and touching sounds, helped her give shape and define the sound which makes her unique. Backed up by lives full of energy, emotion and strength, and by emphatic sets influenced by Detroit’s techno, the Birmingham sound and the experimental sounds of IDM.

The record label of Helena Gallardo, his house, his dream and his present, is called Silent Signal, and is a statement of purposes; born with a feeling to keep untouchable the essence of the artist and his music; not only looking for the impact on the dancefloor but also fresh experimental waves, even breaking the sound barrier with illustration, video, installations. etc… It breathes with the motivation to collaborate with different aid projects, donating a part of the releases’ profits. Releases that will be launched using the current means: vinyl, cd and digital.

Helena can be direct and carnal in sets full of unexpected energy such a sweet presence, for his always preferred connection, and spiritual communion with the magic of her influences She has demonstrated playing since 2005, acting in the best clubs and festivals, next to recognized artists of the electronic scene.

Soon the fourth reference of his label will be releasd on vinyl. Between her work in the studio, she organizes the user group Ableton Live in Madrid; And finds time for their most experimental and risky projects: Forbidden Zone, a project that will be released in 2016