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Helen K

AKA: Helena Koursou

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Helena Koursou, also known as Helen K, was born in 1988 and comes from Greece. Starting to unfold her hobbies with passion at the age of 16, she participated in the music scene as a DJ, as a vocalist in terms of production and as a music editor reviewing for online media and the press. She has run her own personal radio show in the Greek FM frequencies and in international internet radios. Her DJ sets have been featured in established, as well as in smaller radio stations in several countries around the globe. As a DJ, she began to spin records locally in Greece and ended up touring places like London, Berlin, Poland, Romania and Lithuania. Helen K has released music in record labels such as Klik Records, NRG/Universal Music and Festival Lounge amongst others, while tracks she participated at, have been featured in compilations like Buddha Bar. Helena works professionally in the art field as a Graphic Designer (