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Helber Gun

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It is always important to be loaded with the proper ammunition, to know whom you are up against, and to be prepared for any surprises that might appear. The right weapon might enable you to conquer any desired destination, while spreading your doctrine. Therefore, the new model known as Helber Gun, aka Jesse Cabrera and Ramon Macias, is the most lethal device that is available at the moment, and new features are revealed by each use.

This innovation, Helber Gun, is the joint venture of two young Mexicans who have been spinning records a decade now in the Mexican scene, and after a magical encounter at Spirit Base festival in 2009, they have decided to collaborate at the end of 2010. Each component in this novelty has his own unique characteristics; Jesse Cabrera has a rockfish flavored past who already experimented with other individual projects – We which was an offbeat project and Blue Grow which is a different psychedelic trance project, Then there is the second component, Ramon Macias who is a sound engineer who also play with other projects such as Zolarium and his current solo project Zonka.

Helber Gun allows these two talented artists to pour their personal expertise accumulated in their solo projects, into a condensed poison that never stops to evolve, mutate and morph into a perfected model of Progressive Trance. Although there is a sea between them, with Blue Grow living in Europe and Zonka in Brazil, their long distance telepathy seems to overcome any physical distance. In fact, this distance enables them to assemble these energetic fields of the two continents, while building an imaginary bridge between them. Helber Gun have released two EPs – First Contact and From Another Planet, however these are only appetizers to arouse your glands for much more music to come.