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Heiko & Maiko

Dresden, Germany

Electro House, House

Black Plastic, Kontor Records
Heiko & Maiko Beatport


„Heiko & Maiko“ stand for minimalist – electronic, powerful and dynamic sound with (almost always) German Vocals. Both boys cannot be fixed to a style. Whether House with wonderful harmonies or Electro with brute sounds, they feel fine everywhere. „While producing we let it flow simply and try out with pleasure also sometimes what new. Many too often look to the left and on the right and forget her own creative identity“ about the commercial influence, agree both. „Though we also derive inspiration with pleasure, for example, towards “Kraftwerk”, however, are rather expressionists. Hence, it is exciting for us with every release as the people react.“ And the reactions to the releases from the home and foreign countries conjure an extremely contented smile in the faces of Heiko & Maiko. Of top ale from a standing position and Bullets in the catchy DJ charts are in the agenda. And this creativity of her own productions are also reflected in the musical construction of the sets of „Heiko & Maiko“. The both know over and over again how to surprise the audience!

The both became acquainted in 1987. They decided on a cooperation, however, only in 1994. After 4 common years in the clubs of the republic the step followed in 1998 in the radioscenery – to the MDR.

After approx. one and a half years at the youth radio station “Sputnik” and her broadcasting “The club”, they changed on the 1.1.2000 on time for the broadcasting start to the new radio station of “Jump”.

There presented „Heiko & Maiko“ every Friday the cultic flirtation broadcasting “Flirt am Freitag” and on Saturdays “Jump auf Tour mit Europcar”.

The latter broadcasting set up within the shortest time to an event with bigger and bigger magnitudes! They were to be heard 5 years every Saturday in the broadcasting area Saxony, Thuringia and Saxon /Anhalt to hear and to see. The live broadcasting from the clubs turned out in the otherwise formatted radiomarket real window of the club culture. This also appears in the countless guests them in 5 years in the microphone might welcome: ATB, Tomcraft, Marc Romboy, Tom Novy, Brooklyn Bounce, Culture beat, Safri Duo, Rick Astley, Emma Bunton, Lambda, Driftwood, Talla 2XLC, Tillmann Uhrmacher, DJ Sammy, Hans Nieswandt, Groove Coverage, Prezioso, Marc et Claude, Mario Lopez, Blank & Jones, Shaun Baker, Starsplash and still countless more…

In May, 2003 were distinguished „Heiko & Maiko“ for “Jump auf Tour mit Europcar” in Hannover with the German DJ Award for the best radio broadcasting!

In 2002 they hit with one of her broadcastings on Marc Romboy, his sign music producer, DJ and Head of the record labels „Alphabet City“ and “Systematic”. He introduced both Paul Hutsch, one of the most successful producers of Germany and paved to them the way in the music business. There followed numerous common productions which provided from the outset worldwide for interest and demanded „Heiko & Maiko“ also as a DJ-Act.

On the 03.01.05 they separated from the MDR and changed to 89.0 RTL and just 2 years work together with this radio station. Since this time „Heiko & Maiko“ are on the move also as a DJ-Act nationwide and internationally and make the celebration-furious audience happy…


2002 Da Da Da / Tanzen Alphabet City

2003 Morseton Alphabet City

2004 Glücklich Alphabet City / Kontor

2005 Sonnenschein Alphabet City / Kontor

2006 Techno Rock Elektro Pop Records

2007 Morseton 2.0 Elektro Pop Records

2008 Gebongt! Black Plastic

2009 Not too late Black Plastic

2009 Mut zum Ton (ALBUM) Black Plastic

2010 Goldener Reiter Black Plastic / Kontor

2010 Wer ist sie (EP) Black Plastic