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Hector Pizarro

Dialtone Records, Her Little Sister, Mussen Project Digital
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‘Hector Pizarro. As you say the name, the sound of South American street fiestas and that mesmerising tribal beat form sultry impressions in your mind. This perception is not far from the truth. Pizarro spent his childhood growing up in Chile, surrounded by a symphony of notes. Living under a military dictatorship, at the age of 5, Pizarro began to explore himself and his world through music. From a young age his thirst for the rhythm of life, in all its extremities was profoundly influenced through experimenting with percussion – and how a simple beat can bring your body, your spirit, to life. Due to political uncertainty Pizarro and his parents fled to France. Amidst a sea of turmoil one element remained consistent – his magnetic pull towards music. Pizarro studied music composition and arrangement formally at several Parisian conservatories. In time, his love for music flowed freely and uninhabited, reinforced by his ethos; practice and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Pizarro’s experience in bands as a songwriter, composer and arranger provided the necessary framework to consolidate and apply his music knowledge. Through trial and error, Pizarro refined his search for that ultimate sound, that ultimate rhythm and that ultimate experience. And that answer came in the form of Electronic music. From 1994, Pizarro embarked on a new path that has brought him to where he is today. Pizarro’s self actualisation, of reaching ones potential is undoubtedly obvious. His first album, ‘Dj Mars’ was released in 2000 with DJ Mars from Time Bomb Records. In 2002 he was a resident DJ on Parisian Radio show Vallee FM and now runs his own minimal radio show Minimo 98.4 FM supporting some of the finest European, South American and Australian DJ/Producers. Other projects include working with Guet to form ‘Room 10’ in 2005, releasing on Her Little Sister, Rohs! records, Australia’s highly regarded label Pinksilver in 2008 Mussen Project and Phonothek in 2009. Throughout the last 15 years, Pizarro’s music career has been nothing short of inspirational. With a symphony of sharps and flats, majors and minors, melodies and harmonies, Pizarro’s music is a master piece. His attitude and approach to life has earned him a flawless reputation as being genuine, honest and a true artist. But like with any great person, the genius is in the work. Pizarro’s music epitimises this.’

written by Amelia Rose Donnelly