Hector Gomez

Valladolid, Spain


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Héctor Gómez was born in Valladolid, Spain, in 1984. Actually he is living in this city. His career as a deejay starts in the year 2000, promoted by years of liking electronic music and influenced by some friends that were djs too. As any other deejay he started by dominating the mixing technique and mixing the music he used to listen: Trance, Hardhouse, Bumping, Hardtrance… But soon he started to search his own sound, that one he could identify himself with, and this carried him to more trancy rythms. His house influences caused him to reduce the bpms of his sessions and he searched the elegance in his mixes, which finally made him to choose trance music as his style, from progressive trance to more uplifting and energetic trance sounds.

In 2006 he starts his gait in a radio station called Mortal FM, presenting every Sunday Trance In Motion, with the best songs that are being released, in a show mixed by himself and sometimes having guest mixes from famous international deejays..

Also since March 2006 Trance In Motion parties are being celebrated every month in Valladolid, with huge success.

Talking about Héctor Gómez is talking about a deejay in constant expansion, and for this summer some interesting projects are on the way, so this biography… will be updated soon!