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HEATESCA is Laura Lynn Murphey and was born in Taos, New Mexico into a musically driven family. Spawned from award winning Country-Western singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey and 70’s super model Mary Maciukas, she is no stranger to entertainment. As some of her first childhood memories were singing on stage in front of thousands of people with her father, Laura Lynn thrives off the energy of the crowd. With a passion for all different types of music and knowledge of music theory, being a DJ comes naturally. New to production, she has been in the studio ready to take off with original tracks to be released this year.

Laura Lynn originally started DJing with her best friend Julie Shumaker when they were both laid off from their jobs during the market crash in 2009. Both with already extensive music collections, lots of time to practice, dig for music and promote themselves, the two formed DJ duo Heart + Heat. After a year of playing private parties and events for large companies such as Vitamin Water, Billabong and Roxy, the girls began to book gigs at clubs such as Avalon, Memphis, La Cave and Hyde. When Laura Lynn decided to relocate to Portland, she then created her own alias as HEATESCA which is a combination of her original name from the duo which was “HEAT”, and “TESCA” meaning “bait the hook” in Italian. Laura Lynn has no Italian blood, but finds the bridge of the name by first finding her way to electronic music by way of Italo disco and electro pop.

Described as playing “deep and sexy house,” Laura Lynn plays frequently in Portland at a variety of clubs and events, and hosts a monthly party called Modern Ritual at Harlem alongside female DJ and friend The Perfect Cyn. She has played gigs in LA, Las Vegas, Boise and Denver and Seattle and just recently at outdoor festival events at the legendary Sunset Campout in Belden Town and in What The Festival in Dufur with many well known artists and DJs from multiple genres of electronic music. She has been booked alongside artists such as Solar, Droog, Plastic Plates, Sammy D (PillowTalk), Justin Baule, Shiny Objects, Split Secs, Prince Club, Tina T, Art of Hot, DRC, College, Anoraak, Electric Youth, and many more.