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Headphone Beggars

Cairo, Egypt


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Some of today’s greatest DJs and most famous producers owe a great debt of gratitude to their audience. And that’s exactly what the well known trio are trying to explore.

Inspired by Jean Michelle Jare (Electronic Music Creator) this drove them to succeed and impeded their progress.

As many people say, experience is the best teacher and so, their unique shows done on stages are graved in people’s memories.

In addition, we hardly see a trio working together coordinating as these three are which is most special in them. In fact, they have achieved a rank of the best 5th DJ in Egypt and 400 worldwide in just a few time.

Further more, Nosrat made a huge success while releasing his new hit “Bartita (Original Mix)” which will be soon on beatport.

Finally, their fans love their style and always persuade them for more. So they’re working on satisfying their audience.