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Kromeriz, Czech Republic


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Musical adventure rising in combination of deep bass groove and dark techno. Hory_Doly is Czech project based on and with touch of Moravia.

The project Hory_Doly is the trio founded by Dave, Vojta, and Peter at 2004. The taste to a continuous musical and technical innovation and their own styles brings new level of Techno to the Stage. Combination of mysticism with industrial pressure of our times in dark techno musical shape, deep groove full of sounds and unexpected surprise is remarkable experience for listeners.

Hory _Doly performed with the names like Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Nakadia, Uto Karem, Fabio Florido, Loco a Jam, Timmo, Scan X, Axel Karakasis, Dubspeeka, Paride Saraceni, Felix Krocher, Dema, Stiv Hey, Brian Gros, A++, Kevi Anavi, Criminish, Bass Mooy, etc.

They collaborate with producers like Miquel, Paco Ymar, Delo, Criminish, Resonant, Brian Gros, Martin Ace, etc., on labels like Diva Records, Tanzbar, Inside Label, KDB, Boiler Underground, Koyo Records, etc.

Be aware: Higly addictive music!