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Born in 1986, Haze-M is a self producing DJ from Tunisia. Heavily influenced by his country’s architecture, landscape and culture, he began producing music as a teenager. After falling in love with the Tech House and Deep House scene, he began DJing and working closely with friends Enfants Malins and HearThuG. Together, this group of talented producers and DJs created their first Tunisian music label called Dance Till Death (DTD Records).

While releasing tracks with his DTD mates, he has had the opportunity to work with numerous producers and artists such as Steve Lawler, Teenage Mutants, Saccao, Him_Self_Her, Art Is A Consequence, and JazzyFunk. Aside from Dance Till Death, Haze-M has been signed with many popular music labels including, Armada Music, Toolroom Records, VIVa MUSiC, Erase Records, Sleazy Deep, King Street Sounds, Witty Tunes, and StayFly Records. As Haze continues to grow within his music career, his releases have been featured in Beatport’s Exclusive “Must Hear” and are frequently charted in their genre’s Top 100.

Haze-M’s popularity increases as travels for gigs across the world (Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Romania and United States). His network and talent gives him the opportunity to meet other producers, artists and DJ’s. Many of his new tracks go beyond his homeland of Tunisia, by combining beats with musicians from across the seas. These tracks, with those featured artists, can be heard on Soundcloud, Beatport and on his latest project, Haze Music.

Future projects for Haze-M include more traveling and more producing, as his love for music fuels his soul. Recently managed under Sex Panda Agency, Haze-M will potententially be playing more gigs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and numerous countries worldwide. Meanwhile, he is spending time keeping his fanbase entertained through developing his musical abilities and promoting other artists through Haze Music.

There is one thing Haze-M will say about his passion for producing, “Nothing makes a good beat, you just have to feel it. There are no rules, just the experience”.