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Before Haycan there was DJ Fredrik that started in 1998 based on House Music, influenced by the environment where I was into. In 2005 started on music production and again under the influencies of House Music and Vocal House. Though, the particular taste for instrumentals and melodies made me cut radically with those influencies and I started to work by my feelings.

And it borned HAYCAN from the will of “I CAN”catched in a moment of instropection and self motivation. Since I begin creating music, already released on labels such as Bosphorus Underground, Kaos Records, Vidisco, Goldbrain Records, Free Recordings, Ypslon Records, Undelete Records, Losin’ Sleep Recordings, Destinesia Records e Bomba Records, with single releases, EP’s and compilations.

In 2014 created my first record label “Losin’ Sleep Recordings” with my friend Downtown, releasing from House to Techno and in 2015 created Destinesia Records focused on Trance, Progressive House and also Deep House and Chill Out. At this moment I’m working only with Destinesia Records-

This project HAYCAN is based on the taste for melodies and the versatility without focusing in only one music style, but in my own vision of music where I can fit several music genres in only one set without creating ruptures with the crowds.


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