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San Salvador, El Salvador

Minimal, Techno

Hawa Beatport


Hawa was born in El Salvador and raised in the US. His family moved to Utah when he was 10 years old, and after 3 years living there they decided to move to Oahu, Hawaii. Over there he started to mess around with music at the age of 13 years by playing the guitar. He started to play by influences such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. He kept on playing the guitar for around 3 years. After that he got deeper into music and started to listen to different genres besides Rock.

When he was 16 he moved back to El Salvador. A more mature Hawa he went from Rock, to Classical, Acid Jazz and Blues and so. And finally he reached what is now called Electronic Music. He started to listen to this genre after he found out about this great Electronic producer called Sasha. He started to get deeper into this genre, and after a couple of months he found out that he was just in love with this music. He said that the way this music makes you feel its just “unique” and that it takes your soul to a different level that no other genre can do.

Now its been around 5 years since he started into electronic music. And hes is now a Trance Minimal Techno Dj trying to get better and better everyday in the world of mixing.