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Ibiza, Spain

Tech House

1TRAX, Cr2 Records, Gusto Recordings
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Lincoln born and raised, but now an Ibiza resident, Hauswerks has been one of the unsung heroes of electronic music in the UK for almost decade, being producer, engineer or remixer for some of the biggest exponents in dance music. Having developed and evolved his sound over many years, his production discography truly precedes itself. He works in the studio with established names like Steve Lawler, Mark Knight and Filthy Rich, and rising stars like Paul Thomas, Daley Padley, Jonathan Cowan and The Machine amongst many others.

After over a decade of honing his skills in the studio and working with labels such as Toolroom, Suara, ViVA, Data, Black Hole, Bitten, 1 Trax, Azuli and 303 Lovers, its easy to see why Colin’s studio skills are regularly called upon and why his productions get supported by such a wide ranging selection of DJs worldwide.

As we approach the end of 2011 and prepare to launch into a whole new year, Colin is busily compiling his debut mix compilation for Toolroom Records; a double disc affair covering all aspects of house and techno and presenting his skills as a DJ but also as a producer, with a number of his own tracks, productions and collaborations featuring on the mix.


Solo Productions

Hauswerks – Funk46 (Maquina music)

Hauswerks – Duet (Maquina Music)

Hauswerks – I said (toolroom)

Hauswerks – Eivissa (toolroom)

Hauswerks – out of your mind (toolroom)

Hauswerks – Savanna (Cr2)

Hauswerks – Clockwerk (Suara)

Hauswerks – Ahimsa (Cr2)

Hauswerks – Afrobeat (Cr2)

Hauswerks – Zulu (303lovers)

Hauswerks – The Witch Doctor (303lovers)

Hauswerks – The Whistler (303lovers)

Hauswerks – Africained (303lovers)

Hauswerks – Lay Back (303lovers)

Hauswerks – Chunk (1 Trax)

Hauswerks – Shake it (1Trax)

Hauswerks – Black bug (1Trax)

Hauswerks – mundo entero (1Trax)

Hauswerks – Twisted (1Trax) including Shusi Kijeda

and Adam shaw remixes

Hauswerks – Dream Snatcher (1Trax)

Hauswerks – Dig Deep (1Trax)

Hauswerks – Iguazu (the hauswerks series)

Hauswerks – Wasp (the hauswerks series)

Hauswerks – Scattered (the hauswerks series)

Hauswerks – Bass trap (toxic world)

Hauswerks – The music and me (Jack moves)

Hauswerks – Freaky lookin’ (JackMoves)

Hauswerks – Electric – (Toxic)

Hauswerks – Stampede (the hauswerks


Hauswerks & Rosie Romero – Gankoji (303lovers)

Hauswerks & Rosie Romero – Mambana (303lovers)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – Kwaito (303lovers)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – Orondo (303lovers)

Hauswerks & Made for radio – Monotone (1trax)

Hauswerks & Made for radio – Wajibeh (1trax)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – City of god (the hauswerks series)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – Odyssey (The hauswerks series)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – No disco (toxic world)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – Monsoon (toxic world)

Hauswerks & Gaz James – Night breed (toxic world)

Hauswerks & Oliver Lang – Bomb The terrace (Azuli)

Hauswerks & Brazn – 3rd degree (intoxikate)

Hauswerks & Leeroy Burrel – Tripnology (Intoxikate)

Hauswerks & Leeroy Burrel – What was that – Toxik

Hauswerks & Jaymo – Showrocker (Salacious records)

Hauswerks & Jaymo – Disco Biscuit – (Toxic)

Hauswerks & Jaymo – Dont Stop – (Salacious records)


Pete Gooding, Moorish & Moss – Swine Flute – Hauswerks mix (Brown eyed Boyz)

Kevin Andrews – Wallalu – Hauswerks & Rosie romero mix

Joseph Capriati – Oasi – Hauswerks & Gaz James remix (analyctictrail)

Jerome Isma ae – Smile when you kill me – Hauswerks & Gaz James remix (jee productions)

Only Ten Left – H2o09 – Hauswerks mix (modifi music)

Marshall – 7am – Hauswerks remix (303 lovers)

Daley Padley – Spatulina – Hauswerks remix (1Trax)

Olivier Giacomotto – Eat what you kill – Hauswerks & Gaz James remix (definitive recordings)

Dj rene, ferdy – Legato – Hauswerks remix (baroque)

Ahmet Ertenu – African People – Hauswerks & Paul thomas remix (Baroque Records)

Timo Garcia – Deadly Grooves – Hauswerks & Gaz james remix (Afro Acid-digital)

Kenta – Beltek – Hauswerks & Russel G remix (405 recordings)

Timo Garcia & Ken Fan – Ground Control – Hauswerks & Gaz James remix (Berwick Street records)

Alex Kenji – 2ma – Hauswerks & Gaz james mix (INgrooves)

Riley & Durrant – remote control – Hauswerks remix (Nu Breed Music)

Filthy Rich – Turn the screw (hauswerks & Gaz James remix

Filthy Rich – It’s Like That (Hauswerks mix) – UMM series)