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Harvey Kai

Panama City, Panama

Electro House, Open Format, Tech House

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Versatile and controversial are the right words to describe to “Harvey Kai” aka “Harvey K” that since the beginning of his career as a DJ was able to develop his own style that easily adapted to the dancefloor crowd at the time, rarely planned going to play in their presentations and manages to give precise point at which people like. He loves playing with vinyl or in this technological present he play with VDS.

In his productions always it stands out for being something controversial when trying to classify them into any specific genre. The Latin influence of the environment where grown is noted in each of his works which always gives you that tasty touch that carries in his blood.

It is characterized by always be experimenting and fusing sounds and rhythms that many do not dare to do. He produces music as it comes to him in an authentic way without following any type of formulas or patterns.

Enemy the use of recycled samples and recycling loops is declared. He believes that to be a true original work everything must go from himself.

Criticizes people who criticize a genres of music they do not like.

“If you do not like something we just do not listen, because it is not the kind of music that your senses can digest does not give you the right to say it is bad.”…

His motto is “I do not play to live, I live to play.” and like to express what he feel at a given moment and share with you and thus give a warm “Welcome to my Galaxy!!!”