Harrison Crump Beatport


Tomas Malinauskas aka. Harrison,born in 1990.09.24,in Netherlands,Veenendaal,but already thirteen years are living in Lithuanian capital,Vilnius. Harrison’ fascination of putting on electronic sounds was aroused within the Cologne club scene in the late 2005:He debuted with several releases and approached ambitiously the art of mixing sounds.

Following the worldwide resonance, remix inquiries of pop music celebrities won’t be long in coming,and finally in September of 2009 Harrison.. higly anticipated third mini-album “The Amfa” is released, by which Tomas is setting new standards. With his three solid clubmixes he shows his wide range variety in the electrohouse genre.

Tomas Malinauskas aka. Harrison already played in the best Lithuanian clubs,his voice and his works are playing on the best Lithuanian Radio stations,and his cooperation with other performers list – is very large.

In 2009, a young producer with Alina together created the project “Deeptone”.

Deeptone songs reflect a great electro and progressive sounds, seasoned with House in the season.

The third of their works " Untrained Lady " has become a song heard in Lithuania and abroad. Tom and Alina started cooperation with Stranamente Music , Trident Music Houzone Records.

All during the 2009 summer Deeptone Lithuanian team played in the best clubs, however, has come to the school year, Alina immersion in science, and Harrison, below, and better fuel music was his dream to become a famous man, and he is perfectly successful.

Tomas Malinauskas promises his playing in Ibiza, London, Italy, France and many other exotic countries,can he make it? Of course! because the producer began to collaborate with a number of international record labels, which are from exotic countries!

The young musician, Tomas, plays and develop DJ’ing skills since 2007, and already has played with many famous Lithuanian DJ and with alot of other coutries stars.

DJ has never been seriously inter-ested in Live Set, never record them, and even tried, but since 2009, Interested in the summer, he started playing Techno and Progressive House best and highest quality works.