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Harris Pilton BIOGRAPHY

It was 16. of February 1984, when the small Daniel Csere got to see the sunlight in Székesfehérvár (in Hungary).

His musical taste was influenced very early by his brothers and his father (Depeche Mode, Alphaville, Kraftwerk)

Maybe here got he the idea to chain his life to the music.

In the primary school he already heard every kind of styles (from Hip-hop to Punk rock), but still he liked the very best the house style!

Daniel was at this time already in the highschool, and besides the shooting games he also used some DJ programs, and some music editing softwares,

when the redeeming thought, he shouldn’t be a Dj, but he has to write own music.

One of the most trickiest and somewhat already know Andro (aka Gábor Baki) attracted his attention, with whom he went to the same highschool.

So he began the hard learning, getting to know and how to use techniques, plugins, trackers, sequencers. Primitive and a bit hybrid music did he do, but these he shared only to some of his friends firstly. The time went by and with the help of internet he got to know many young contemporary domestic and foreign producers, to whom he showed his preparing music, searching for more extreme but more excellent sounds to made, what reflects really him!

So he met Freqlem, Francis Blaid, Retroid, Andy Slate, Snake Sedrick, Schiipman and many other producer & DJ colleagues, who helped him in his musical development.

After 7 years, in 2007 he found the main trends, what he represents and what is standing close to his heart.

One of them is the so called Harris Pilton „alterego”, where he is working with the more sick but rather finer electro and tech-house things.

In the end of 2008 Daniel was staring his new project his second “alterego” called : Boysthateats.

In this case, he will shows for us, his own deeper ,minimal stuffs.

In the near future he would like to spend more time with being a Dj and Live Act.