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His music interest started in the early 80s at the age of 12, when his father bought him a classic guitar. He started taking guitar and piano lessons for 5 years until one day he decided with 3 of his friends to start a heavy metal group called ULTIMATUM.

They got the name of the band from the gulf war, when the USA had sent an ultimatum to Saddam during the gulf war in 1989. The group split up in 1993 when 2 of the members went to the army, including Haris. During that time he got his first job as a radio DJ at RADIO1, until 1995 when he had to leave Cyprus for his studies in the UK until 1998.

During his studies he visited some clubs including MOS where he first saw Brandon Block and that’s when his interest in dance music started. Saving money from his pocket money gave him the chance to buy a mixer and a dual CD player, and started playing for his friends at private school parties! 2 years later he got his first job at Foundry Club placed in Coventry playing garage and house music! Although his love was for TRANCE music he was still playing what he was asked to.

In 1998 he returned to Cyprus focusing in his day time job until 2000 when he joined Anthony 642 for opening and warm up sets at the Versus. In 2002 he got his residency at the Domus were he was playing House music.

In 2002 he met Dinos Georgiou and Dinos Assiotis who trusted Haris and gave him the chance to join MIX FM, the biggest radio station in Nicosia . At that time Haris was working on some tracks although he got a great help from Michael Angelo (SILVERSOUNDS RECORDINGS) in producing music and finally in 2003 the Hit Single “WITHOUT YOU” was born, in corporation with SILVERSOUNDS RECORDINGS.

2003 and 2005 were very busy years for Haris, not only for his gigs and radio shows but also for his music production. After playing along with the biggest names like: PAUL VAN DYK, MATT DAREY, SONIQUE, JOHN OO FLEMING, ASTRAL PROJECTION, 4 STRINGS, DARREN TATE, JON O BIR, GAVYN MYTCHEL , DAVID GUETTA was given a lot of support having his tracks played all around the globe!! MATT DAREY & LANGE to name a few were supporting Haris C’s Tracks in 2005 .Another station in his life, was when he met KUFFDAM&PLANT after their success with their hit singles WHEN I AM MISSING YOU, BALEARICA, PARANOIA (under the name of THE SHOVE BROTHERS) SEDACTION and the brand new single SUMMER DREAM.

Soon the 4 of them will be ready to get into the studio and produce what they are in love with – music!!! Following the success of the hit single WITHOUT YOU another 2 tracks followed: " WHEN NIGHT FALLS " and “LIFE CIRCLES”!! September 2004 will be a station for Haris’ life, due to the official release of an EP, consisted of 4 tracks.

2004 was even better not only from the success of the EP but from a competition that Cluboholic.com made who is the NO 1 DJ of Cyprus! Haris C was voted as the No 1 DJ of Cyprus and that shows that he is dedicating a lot of time making tracks and taking part in various events and clubbers show a great respect to him!

Like Haris said: I just love making people happy! I like to see people faces being happy and enjoy the music every time that I play! I like to be a part of their life It’s the most wonderful feeling!

2005 Finally INSPIRED RECORDS UK & AFTERGLOW RECORDS DE sign Haris C’s Tracks SHADOWS with INSPIRED, ROOM WITH A VIEW , ON THE OTHER SIDE with AFTERGLOW RECORDS & the brand new singles SEARCHING THE SKIES & SILENT LUCIDITY with 4-STROKE RECORDS.BE ! Also HarisC has remixed a track for CHAMBERLANE for INSPIRED RECORDS and will be out before end of 2005!