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Ann Arbor, United States

Hip-Hop, Open Format

AKA: Cobra

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DJ/VJ Hardy Hard has been a musician since he was 7 years old. Back in the day, he played drums. Today, he prefers mixing music videos using the latest technology in the form of DVD turntables.

He started spinning at parties while in he was a college student in early 2003. Later that summer, he decided it was time to improve his skills. Hardy spent over 4 hours practicing every day that summer. It was not a surprise that this skilled musician with his natural affinity for music mastered the techniques of mixing and created his own style without any instruction or guidance.

He landed his first residency at a local college bar – Theodooors – that year. He soon went on to earn residencies at other area clubs such as Studio 4, MJ’s Wooden Nickel, Bamboozles and Touchdown Cafe. Today, he is the resident at Necto (Thursdays & Saturdays) and Millennium (Fridays).

In 2006, DJ Hardy Hard became DJ/VJ Hardy Hardy by incorporating music videos in all his live mixes. He is able to accomplish truly amazing mixes that please not only your auditory senses, but your satisfy your eyes as well. He seemlessly mixes, scratches and manipulates music videos together to provide an enhanced entertainment experience for the fans.

Besides spinning live at clubs, Hardy is also very busy remixing tracks by some of the biggest names in the industry. His mixing style has also evolved over the years. Initially just a Hip-Hop DJ, he has now incorporated House, Rock, Old-School Funk and Dancehall into his live routines. He is gifted enough to mix acapellas and instrumentals to create blends on the fly, as well as using creative ways to mix the most unexpected tracks together. However, his biggest strength remains his ability to play the right track at any given moment. He knows how to control a crowd by simply playing the right song at the right time.

Having said all this, the best way to find out what DJ Hardy Hard is all about is to listen to him live at a club!