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Hardy Heller

Hambach, Germany

House, Progressive House

black hole recordings, Ohral
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The first real contact with music Hardy Heller had already with an age of 5 years when he started to play classic piano (untill the age of 16). Fluete is another instrument he learned to play during those days. As the youngest of 5 children he got in touch with a lot of different music styles already in his early days. Around an age of 12 he started to collect records himself, so you can imagine that he has way to much records laying all around him (probably around 30.000). With 17 “HH” had his first residence in a club (called Madison) in his hometown, Neustadt every thursday. There he used to play stuff like Clash, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Depeche Mode, Cure, Throbbing Cristle, Fad Gadget and so on to a totally fanatic crowd in a totally packed club. Reached the age of 20 he was offered a residence in a very well known club at that time in Mannheim called “Koko”. During that time he studied from age of 21 in Manheim Economics and also worked in a record shop in Heidelberg twice a week.

He was 24 when he got an offer from ZYX Music / Germany to work there as an assistant of the Import Manager. After just half a year working at ZYX he was moved up as the Import Manager. Another half a year later he was moved to A&R Dance Manager. During that time he was responsible for some groundbreaking exclusive licensings. So he licensed tracks like Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness, Winx – Don´t Laugh, Natural Born Grooves – Groovebird, Tom Wilson – Techno Cat, Drax Ltd. II – Amphetamine… just to name a few. Also he installed a new, much more trendy label for ZYX called Acalwan at that time. DJ Dag, Thomas P Heckmann, Mark 909 King, Josh Wink had been Artists on that label at that time.

After 3 1/2 years he decided to move to a more underground related company called UCMG.There he established for example labels like Planetary Consciousness, Reef Rec. Artists like DJ Tiesto, DJ HMC, Dominion, Liquid Child and so on had been exclusively signed by Hardy and as an creative manager he was responsible for nearly everything from licensing in and out on excklusive & non exclusive base. 2002 he left UCMG to do his own thing. his company is called Auralis Music Management. Hereunder he is working on his own labels called On A Mission Rec., Groovedelic Rec., Tonsportgruppe Rec. as well as he is taking care about DJ Taucher new label Adult Music. 38db tonsportgruppe is anotherlabel which is focusing more on the elctro side ofmusic he is takingcare about. Also Auralis Music Management is doing consulting work for the very famous compilation series Space Night (released by General Electronic Music / Alex Azary in conjunction with one of the biggest independent TV Channels called BR3). Licensing productions to other labels is another field. Warner Chappell, East West Recordings Germany, Dj Tiestos Blackhole Recordings / Netherlands, Sony Music Germany, Tune Inn / UK and so on are partners of Auralis Music Management by now.

Hardy Heller himself produced more than 30 tracks by now which where all quiet sucessfull as well. So his tunes got in the past more or less regular support from international Top Djs like Sasha, Nick Warren, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Seb Fontaine, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Timo Maas… just to mention a few. One of his latest releases Tibet EP Part II was voted progressive trance record of the month by the most important german techno magazine called Raveline. Appearances on international high profile compilations like Global Underground, Gatecrusher and / or Top Ten Positions in several Trend Charts like the Official UK Club Charts, Massive Charts, Balance Charts proove this as well. New projects are just in the pipeline and will be released within the next months for example on BlackHole Rec. (the label of the very famous DJ Tiesto), Tune Inn Rec. (UK), Earregular (GER), Acting Out (Swe) as well as on his own imprints Groovedelic and On A Mission. The story goes on…

Auralis Music Management / Hardy Heller is also active in the event

business. A hell lot of parties parties have been celebrated already since 1994. One goal was and always will be to support the local scene of Hardy´s home area. But also international sucessful artists like Paul van Dyk, Taucher, Jerry Bonham, Spesh, Monika Kruse, Chris Liebing, Inkfish, Thomas P Heckmann, Joerg Henze, Terry Lee Brwon Jr., Chris Fortier, Timewriter, Talla 2XLC, Karotte, Gayle San, Nick Warren, Timo Maas showed up in the past. Since march 2003 he´s running every 3rd saturday per month a clubnight called Groovedelic at a very nice and intimate club in Mannheim called Soho. The reactions so far are more than just promosing. During the summer he will again do his quiet famous Ohral Open Air Parties as well as on every thursday evening a party project called Weiher. A party at a small lake which has been held already during the last four summer seasons. The reactions have been huge and so they will be this year again.

Last but not least Auralis Music Management is also taking care about bookings of their artist rooster. So the booking section includes international well known acts like Inkfish, Markus Wesen aka Alien, Jondi & Spesh, Hardy Heller himself and others…

Since 2004 Hardy Heller is also involved in some media actions. So he´s writing for a very well known german magazine called Prinz. Also he is runnning his own Radio Show called GROOVEDELIC every sunday evening from 4 to 6 pm (european time at the most important radio station for modern electronic dance music over here in Germany called Sunshine Live. The Show includes Progressive House Charts which are every week compiled by different trendmaking creative cells like for example Massive Records, interGRoove Distr. Guests DJs like Inkfish, Jerry Bonham, Oliver Moldan, Spesh, Moonboutika, Terry Lee Brown Jr. already had shown up to present their Dj skills and so it is kind of natural, that the reactions by now are very positive, better said kind of of enthusiastic.

Beside all that Hardy is, of course Djing himself. This more fun part brought him so far to a lot of places all around the world. Of course Hardy Heller is appreciating this fact very much as those journeys have given and still give him a great opportunity to find out more about cultures, music, to catch totally different impressions and vibes. Except Australia he played already on each continent. Japan (Tokyo, Ossaka, Fokuoka), India (Dehli), Norway (Oslo), Finnland (Helsinki), Hungary, Canada, USA, Spain, Ibiza (Space & Privilege) and so on were all great influences in Hardy Heller´s life in general as well in his DJ carrer. Musicwise his passion is the groovy, tribal, progressive house stuff mostly, but not only coming from the UK & the States. But he never tried / tries to focus to much just on one style. Be Open Minded is a statement of the electronic music culture fromthe early 90ies which is still important for him. So Hardy is listening to all kinds of music: Abba, Beatles, Bay City Rollers, Uriah Heep, Sweet, Queen , Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, Beethoven, Mozart, Bruckner, Gustav Mahler and so on from day one on.