A legend in his own right, DJ Hardware's career as an international artist spans the scope of over two decades. Hardware is a definitive DJ, producer and Remixer, a tastema... read more
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A legend in his own right, DJ Hardware’s career as an international artist spans the scope of over two decades. Hardware is a definitive DJ, producer and Remixer, a tastemaker who has achieved worldwide accolades and has established himself at the forefront of the electronic music scene! His sets combine brilliant searing progressive house with uplifting dirty electro house as he layers his sounds, building the realms of a musical journey that culminates into a total mind and body meltdown!

Hardware, a native of Syracuse, New York began his career spinning old school hip-hop at a local jaunt called Nowhere City. He then took his unquenchable spirit for music and moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he began to develop his presence, two years later Hardware was voted the City’s best DJ by the Boston Herald. During this time, DJ Hardware expanded his presence on to the Boston club circuit spinning such venues as the Hub Club, Axis, Paradise Rock Club and Venus De Milo playing a variety of musical styles from early house anthems to European acid-house, techno and trance. Having quickly exploded onto the Boston club scene, he began DJ’ing high profile clubs and events across the world (Canada, Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Mexico and France). These bookings gave him both an opportunity and a broad spectrum to playing side by side with some headlining events with many colleagues such as Sven Vath, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Paul Van Dyk, Jon The Dentist, Tony Di Vit, DJ Dan and Carl Cox.

In 1994, Hardware served as A&R Executive Director for New York’s legendary electronic underground dance imprint, Adrenalin Records. During his 2-year stint at Adrenalin, Hardware released an astonishing thirteen DJ Mixed CD compilations. But Hardware wanted more. Hardware left the Adrenalin Records camp to launch Toxik Recordings, a division of Aureus / Warlock Records, which was said to be one of the most ingenious and original electronic dance music labels in North America. As founder and Director of A&R, Hardware took Toxik Recordings to uncharted heights releasing several DJ Mixed CD Compilations, some which are still viewed as a genre defining compilation by fans and critics alike today. But his thirst for producing original material grew. In 1996 DJ Hardware Joined forces DJ Remix, collectively known as Toxik Twins. This duo created some of the most influential and legendary break beat tracks to come from American producers to this day! Highlights of these works include the remix of ‘Billy Club – Junkie Xl on Roadrunner Records Which was featured in the movie Blade, “Don’t Stop The Rock 2000 – Freestyle” on Streetbeat Records, and the remix of the worldwide classic house anthem “I’ll House You” which featured a guest appearance by none other than The Jungle Brothers!

Following the successful slough of releases and remixes from the Toxik Twins duo, his Numerous DJ Mixed CD Compilations on Toxik Recordings as well as a double CD set called Sound Shock Vol. 1 & 2 on Streetbeat Records and Coast II Coast Vol. 2 on ESP SUN / Roadrunner Records, Hardware signed to the world’s leading Dance / Electronic music imprint, Moonshine Music. Once again DJ Hardware tears up the decks once with Psychotrance 2004, one of Moonshine’s longest-running compilation brands. Hardware took the reigns with ease and delivered a perfect mix of progressive trance & house.

In 2006 DJ Hardware set his goals even higher breaking ground for his Pure Music Label Group, a place where he was able to release his own original productions and other music from artist’s he discovered through his various travels around the globe. It was at this point Hardware jumped back into the studio full Throttle delivering original productions and remixes that were tearing up the highly fickle music biosphere and quickly gained momentum within the mainstream music industry as well.

After selling well over 250,000 Units of DJ mix CD compilations (See Discography) and playing to sold out clubs and festivals around the globe for the last 15 years, and producing and remixing some of the worlds biggest Artists, DJ Hardware finally honed his craft, delivering an explosive sound that has taken over clubs across the globe. Hardware’s musical taste landmarks the revolutionary sound that is sweeping the club scene around the globe. Prepare yourself for the raw dirty sounds of massive bass lines and raw drums and enjoy!


01. The Tweakers – “All Tweaked Out” (Stryke Vs. Hardware Remix) – Adrenalin Records

02. Cotten Club – “Nu Jack” (NuJack’s All Tweaked Out Mix) – Adrenalin Records

03. Stryke – “Ascend (Hyperacidic Break Mix)” – Adrenalin Records

04. Cotten Club – “Here The Drummer” (Acid Twister remix) – Adrenalin Records

05. Darkside Of The Shroom – “OH Zone Layer” – Tricked Out Recordings

06. Junkies XL – “Billy Club” (Toxik Sweat Box Remix) – ESP-SUN / Roadrunner Records

07. Bass Mekanik – “Rock Dis Joint” (Toxik Twins Remix) – Pandisc Records

08. 08. Freestyle – “Don’t Stop The Rock ‘99" (Toxik Chemlab Meltdown Remix) – Streetbeat Records

09. DJ Voodoo & The Liquid Method – “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I am” – (Toxik Tilt-A-Wirl Remix)

10 Cubic 22 – “Night in Motion” (Toxik Spine Twister Remix) – 99% Records / Big Time Int.(Belgium)

11. Mona Lisa Overdrive – “Born To Synthesize” Metafakt Remix)– Pure Music / Platipus Records

12. Kelly D – “Moon Burn” (Hardware Vs. Scotty Marz Remix) – Pure Music

13. Metafakt vs. Yaz – Don’t Go 2004 (Kelly D & DJ Hardware Remix) – Unrestricted Recordings

14. Buzzfiend Feat. Fixed – One Buzz Leads to Another – Unrestricted Recordings

15. Filter System Unlimited – Something Special (Buzzfiend Electro shocking Remix – Pure Music Black

16. Severin – Sundae Fundae (Hardware’s Greenhouse Effect Dirty Electro Remix) – Pure Music Digital

17. Marcus M – Black Kitten (Hardware’s Acid In Your Face Remix) (Pure Music Black Label)

18. Iio – Rapture 2007 (DJ Hardware & Alexander Orue Rocket Heat Remix) (Made Recordings)

19. Severin – Blue Horizon(Westfield & Hardware’s Continental Divide Remix) (Pure Music Recordings)

20. New Order vs. Hardware & Orue – Total Confusion 2007 (Unrestricted Recordings)

21. Mile 1 – Was There Ever Nothing (Hardware’s Dirt South Remix) (Pure Music Recordings)

22. Teranova & Leeds – Acid Disco (hardware’s Dirty Greenhouse Effect Remix) (Tribal Traxx)

23. Micro Chip League (MCL) – New York 2007 (Hardware’s Revamp Remix) (Unrestricted)

24. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch 2007 (The Official Unofficial Remixes) (Hard Rock Records)

25. Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Balls 2008 (Unrestricted Records)

26. Prince – 1999 (Hardware’s 2008 House ReVamp) (Remix Recordings)

27. Stereo Mc’s – Elevate My Mind 2008 (Hardware’s Mind Blower Remix) (Hard Rock Records)

28. The Clash – Rock The Casbah (Hardware’s Punk’D House ReVamp) (Hard Rock Records)

29. Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You (Hardware’s Kiss My Ass ReVamp) (Hard Rock Records)

30. Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 2008 (Hardware’s Punched In The Face Remix)

31. Gogo’s – We Got The Beat 2008 (Hardware’s Beach Bumpin ReVamp) (Remix Recordings)

32. A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran 2008 (Hardware Marathon Run ReVamp) (Remix Recordings)

33. Human League – Don’t You Want Me 2008 (Hardware’s Break-up ReVamp) (Remix Recordings)

34. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus 2008 (Hardware’s Holy Grale ReVamp) (Remix Recordings)

35. Severin Feat. LeAnn Rushing – Fade To Silence (Hardware Auto Fade Remixs) (Pure Music)

36. Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Hardware Rules The World ReVamp) (Hard Rock Recordings)

37. Frou Frou – Let Go (Hardware’s Fly Away Remix) (Unrestricted Recordings)

38. Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies (Remix Records)

39. Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop (Unrestricted Recordings)

40. Nine Inch Nails – Sin 2009 (Hardware’s Stigmata ReVamP) (Nothing Records / Interscope)

41. Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole 2009 (Hardware’s Lobotomy ReVamp) (Nothing Records / Interscope)

42. Revolting Cocks – Beer, Steer & Queers 2009 (Hardware’s Don’ ReVamp) (13th Planet Records / Rhino)

43. Revolting Cocks – I’m Not Gay (Hardware’s Dirty Texan Shit Kicker Remix) (13th Planet Records)

44. Front 242 – Headhunter 2009 (Hardware’s Cannibal ReVamp) (Wax Trax / Sony / Epic Records)

45. Revolting Cocks – Wizard Of Sextown (Hardware Red Light District ReVamp) (13th Planet Records)

46. Prong – 3rd Option (Hardware’s 13th Sense ReVamp) (13th Planet Records)

47. Ministry – Just One Fix 2009 (Hardware’s Dirty Needle ReVamp) (Warner Brothers / 13th Planet Records)

48. Ministry – Last Sucker (Hardware’s GWB Pissed Off Guitar ReVamp) (13th Planet Records)

49. Revolting Cocks – Cousins (Hardware’s Dirty Little Secret ReVamp) (13th Planet Records)

50. Frontline Assembly – Isolate (Hardware’s Sledge Hammer ReVamp (Wax Trax / Rhino Records)

51. Ministry – Stigmata (Hardware’s Hellbound ReVamp) (Warner Brothers / 13th Planet Records)

52. Ministry – N.W.O. (Hardware’s Obama ReVamp) (Warner Brothers / 13th Planet Records)

53. Ministry – Burning Inside (Hardware’s Spontaneous Combustion ReVamp) (Warner Brothers / 13th Planet Records)

54. Ministry – Land Of Rape And Honey (Hardware’s D-Davy ReVamp) (Warner Brothers / 13th Planet Records)

55. Lords Of Acid – I Sit On Acid 2009 (Hardware’s Acid Tab ReVamp) (Caroline Records – Unofficial Mix)

56. Ministry – Let’s Go (Hardware’s Get The Fuck Out ReVamp)

57. Journey – Anyway You Want It (Hardware’s Have It Your Way Remix) – (Atlantic Records – Unofficial Mix)

58. INXS – The One Thing (Hardware’s Sharp as A Razor Remix) – (Atlantic Records – Unofficial Mix)

58. Sade – Solider Of Love (Hardware’s Remix)– (Epic Records – Unofficial Mix)