Hardux Beatport


Dj Hardux was born 12.02.1983. At the end of 2005 he buy his

first equipment after his first steps behind him had followed 2007

the first live broadcast on the online radio station HARDSHOCKERS.FM

his first gig at the event Trance Action in the Arena club (Rendsburg, Germany).

Since then go straight to the front followed by another club appearances and live

broadcasts in HARDSHOCKERS. Productions are in conversation but is

still not clear he has just set up a home studio where he is working

every day. And 2007

he registred on thedjlist.com.

since 2009 is Dj Hardux RESIDENT-DJ from the Event ATMOSPHERE.

The first single “Cant´t get enough” is released on AQUALOOP RECORDS and the

next release HARDBASS comes @ MENTAL-MADNESS (04.12.2009)

Dj Hardux said thanks for the great support last time.