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Hardstyle Mafia

Bazz Implant Recordings, Edinet, Spoontech Records
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DJ & Producer duo from Finland. Consists of 2 members: Jesse Jokinen & Kimi Niinimäki.

Hardstyle Mafia was found by 2 brothers, Jesse & Markus Jokinen.

After several years producing Trance/Hardtrance, they started to produce Hardstyle in the beginning of 2005.

With love to orchestral music, they like to combine hardstyle with classical elements.

Hardstyle Mafia’s style is one of hardest and roughest in the scene. Their style is a combination of old and new hardstyle, but still being more loyal to the original hardstyle sound.

Hardstyle Mafia has released on Bazz Implant Recordings, Explosive Recordings and Future Sound Corporation, just to name a few. Newest tracks will come out at Knockout Beats Recordings.

They started DJ’ing in 2006.

Hardstyle Mafia has performed in events such as QuakeDance (NL), Defcon (AUS), Summer Angel (DK), Toxicator (Poland) and in many other events.

In the middle of 2010, one road came to an end, when Markus decided to stop being part of the crew, due to lack of inspiration to produce and perform. Who know’s, maybe he will be back again. The new member to take his place, is a long time friend of them, Kimi aka Reptyler, who still has the passion for the music. Together they will keep bringing you real hardstyle beats and nights to remember.

Now Hardstyle Mafia is stronger than ever!

Hardstyle Mafia is representing Finland in hardstyle scene, with their unique style.

Their goal is to bring inspiration to all DJ’s and producers, and to make everyone around the world keep hardstyle spirit alive..

You only live once, so waste it with style…Hardstyle!