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Hardmix presents a sound with extremely quality and sophistication. His finest house music selection runs for many trends of this genre passing by trends such as deep house, funky house, disco house and soulful, perfect for who loves to listen a good music while enjoy foods and drinks in lounges, bars or restaurants. For those who look for shaking the body in the clubs, Hardmix explores trends such as minimal, tech house, progressive house and tribal, adding strategic shots of electro house, causing a collective delirium on the dance floor.

On the list of clubs and events where Hardmix already played in his career are the internationals Capitulo V (Portugal), with Little Louie Vega and Diego Miranda, Aixa Galiana (Spain), with Oskar Rodriguez, Daniela Haverbec, Oriol Calvo and Dylan Drazen, and the Industry Of House DJ Stage on the Brazilian Day NYC (USA), and the Brazilians D-Edge, Baronneti, Pink Elephant and BH Dance Festival with Erick Morillo and Harry Choo Choo Romero.

As music producer, Hardmix shows a modern concept of house music and new experiences without limitations with fresh releases all the time. His music is played by important artists such as Grant Nelson, Miguel Migs, Johnny Fiasco, Alfred Azzetto (Purple Music), Flash Brothers, Ronnie Maze, DJ Roog (Hardsoul), Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City), Aaron Ross (Defected), Jason Hodges, Phil Weeks, George Hess (Strictly Rhythm), Carl Hanaghan (Hed Kandi), Paul Oakenfold, among others.

His labels Mercado Paralelo Music, Industry Of House, Hardmix Music and We Love Sounds, won a privileged position that provide constant visibility in the global electronic music scene and were nominated for two consecutive years for the award “Best Label Of The Year” by DJ Mag Brazil.

Hardmix is also part of many other labels and has released tracks on important international compilations, including In Bed With Space Volume 11, by Clubstar (Germany), Clubology Volume 03, by Distar Records (Italy), Rio Music Conference 2010, by DanceFuel (Portugal), Wave Compilation Volume 02, by Wavecollective Records (Spain), Hypnotzd Mix Sessions Vol. 01, by Hypnotzd Music (Brazil), WMC Pool Party 2012, by Seven Amazon (Miami) and Carnival House Essentials, by LK2 Music (Brazil).

More information about Hardmix: www.hardmix.net

Hardmix Sessions

Saturdays 11:00 PM @ DJ Conexion Global Radio (Spain)

Subscribe to podcast: www.hardmix.net/podcast