Hardcore Movements

Bridgetown, Barbados


Hardcore Intl Movements is a registered sound system that has been around from the late 1980’s.

They have been to Atlanta, Orlando, West Palm Beach, North Carolina, California, (USA) with offers from Chicago , Texas, The US Virgin Islands, Belize and with offers right now on “the table” from Canada , St Kitts, London, Guyana, Antigua And Germany.

As of March 2010 it now consists of 4(four) Major Branches and 8 active members.

Miami – Pablo P & Mikey Don – http://www.jusmuzic.com/home.php

New York – Dooley Unruley 103.1 f.m. (Brooklyn), Slims, B Mass & Raww Dizzle

Barbados – Craig – http://urbanradio.listen2myradio.com/

Jamaica – Dj Bones From Irie f.m.