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Hard Ton

Bordello A Parigi, Chiwax, comfortzone
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Hard Ton is the XXL disco diva of the XXI Century! Italy is known for its big singers but this one really breaks the mould. His Sylvester styled falsettos conjure up the smoky, poppers-fuelled dancefloors of Hi-NRG mixed with a completely contemporary sound of accelerated beats

and screaming acid basslines. Using, exclusively, analogue and vintage gear from the 303, 606, 707, Oberheim DMX, Korg Monopoly, MS20, Prophet V5, the list goes on and is a calling card to any gear-nerd.

But the music never becomes stiff or contrived, in fact it always remains fun, as expected when you play with equipment that lives and dies by its own unpredictable rules.

With his 150kg, Hard Ton is a Giorgio Moroder low-fat grooves model meeting a heavyweight Chicago

Trax queen machine.


TIME TO JACK/MARILYN (Dissident Records, 12")

MARILYN (Zoe Xenia Remix) (Dissident Records, 12")

FLAWLESS E.P. (including Snuff Crew Remix) (Permanent Vacation, 12")

SELFISH E.P. (Gigolo Records, 12")


BILLIE RAY MARTIN & HARD TONSOLD LIFE E.P. (Disco Activisto, 2011 – Digital)


STEFANO & BENE ft. HARD TON “Why Your Love” (Compost Disco, 12")

HEELS OF LOVE ft. HARD TON “Crazy” (Under The Shade, 12")

BOSTRO PESOPEO ft. HARD TON “Basic” (Permanent Vacation, 12")

AJELLO ft. HARD TON “Chocolate Black Leather” (Danny Was A Drag King, 12")

JADOO “Voodoo Love” (Danny Was A Drag King, 12")

KELTON PRIMA ft. HARD TON “The Rhythm” (Pizzico Nobel, Digital)


CRAZY BITCH IN A CAVE “On Top (Hard Ton remix)” (ComfortZone, 12")

ELECTROSEXUAL “Break You Nice (Hard Ton remix) (Rock Machine, 12”)

TOBIAS BERNSTRUP "Hitman (Hard Ton remix) (Black Leather, digital)

- featurings for: Junkie Xl, Dimitri From Paris, Marc Miroir, Neville Watson, Deetron, Billie Ray Martin, Ajello, Andreas Gehm, Kelton Prima, The Barking Dogs