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Harald Klotzberg

Erkheim, Germany

Progressive House, Techno

Harald Klotzberg Beatport


Harald Klotzberg was born in 1974 and started in the age of 2 pounding mothers cooking pots. Since then Music has been the most important thing in his life. As a result he tried many musical instruments like trumpet, flute, clarinet, drums, guitar and everything that created sound.

Finally he started to play organ at the age of 6 and few years later he bought his very first Synthesizer – a Roland D-10 and a Sampler – a Sequential Prophet 002+. Together with an Atari ST and Cubase 1.0 his very first home-studio-dream came true.

Since then he has been infected by the electronic music virus.

Influenced by the Sounds of Jean Michel Jarre, Paul Hardcastle (19), Depeche Mode, Front 242, New Order, OFF (Electrica Salsa), Westbam (Disco Deutschland, Monkey say Monkey Do) and all the early electronic Stuff he started to create his own electronic stuff.

He was one of the first producers in the South German upcoming Techno Scene and since then he hasn’t stopped. In 1992 he performed his very first LiveAct Sublime) with Hardcore Tunes in a small club called “Mirage” in the south of Germany (Kempten).

In 1993 Big Raves started in South Germany and he regularly performed there Live (Aqualab / Sublogic). One Year later he was booked out of the South to Big Events like Union Rave / Duesseldorf (4x) and Club Tunnel / Bremen and many many Clubs all over Germany.

1994 his first 2 Records (12" Vinyl) has been released on LiTime Records / Peppermint Jam (Aqualab / Sublogic) and 3 Tracks from this Releases was licensed for a CD Compilation (Rave Floor Music for Rave Floor People).

He often played at Big Raves at the legendary “Alter Flughafen / Munich Riem” on Events like “Dream of Unity” and performed many LiveActs in Clubs in South Germany as well @ the famous Union Rave / Duesseldorf.

In 1995 he started to DJ. In 1996/1997 he performed the first time in a foreign Country (New Years Eve in La Coruna / Spain (DJ)) and the famous Club Palazzo in Bingen (Live), @ the Loveparade in Berlin and many other Gigs in Germany. At the same Time new Tracks were released on Deep Dance Records on Vinyl and CD.

From 1998 to 1999 he retired from the scene because the Big Raves died out and the scene moved into smaller clubs. He played for the second Time in Spain (The Canyon – Gran Canaria) and just some local Gigs in South Germany.

After his break he came back and in 2000 he realized his biggest dream, a own Label. decomplex audio was born as his own platform to release his upcoming stuff.

After the first releases on decomplex audio Gigs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria came up. With his new Project Aqualab & Davis he played at Big Events like Nature One, Liberty One (2x) and some Big Events in Switzerland and Austria and all over Germany.

In 2002 he has started a new Project together with Andreas Kremer (Andreas Kremer & Harald Klotzberg). Different slammin Records on decomplex audio, Lifeform Recordings, Salpeter Records, Deja Vu Records has been released already. 2 new Sublabel has been started in early 2003 – collapse recordings – is his new Platform for own productions and Remixes/Tracks from Friends around the Globe. Approximate Records is for more cool and groovy UK-Stuff and starts in April 2003 as well. A lot of new Releases will blow your Mind on Labels like TST / Giant and Dwarf / Carnage / Deja Vu / Basilensis / collapse and decomplex audio for sure!

2004 brought a lot of changes in decomplex audio structure. Different Sublabels for different Sytlez has been born and has been started successfully. The end of 2004 brought as well some changes in Harald’s musical elevation. As he ascertain for himself, its about time to enlarge his musical affectations not only on the dj side. He started to produce more different Stylez and put on hold the hard techno stuff a bit. Harald is already known for his varied and style spanned Sets, so it’s a logical progression to produce and release more different stuff.

Harald’s second vision in 2004, a mp3 portal, takes shape now. As a technical addicted, he’s always searching and supporting new ideas and technologies. He started to build up a electronic music mp3 store, supporting unknown and well known artist in all kind of Stylez. First public-beta Release has been started already and runs very well. Harald is developing the final version right now, new Labels, new Stylez, new Design … watch out!!!