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The twentieth century drew to a close when some tracks appeared that gave

an interesting new spin to the flourishing Psychedelic Trance scene: Rather than

piling up excessive melody layers and packed arrangements as usual at this time,

the distinct psychedelic moments in the music of the project Haldolium evolved from

a reduced and very considered use of sound effects and single melodies.

Dark acoustic sceneries, inhabited by mysterious, weird noise figures delivered a

very atmospheric, surreal and trippy listening experience and redefined the term

“psychedelic”. In this manner, already the debut album “Deagua” presented by

Mario Reinsch and Mark Lorenzen from Hamburg got quite some exposure in 1999.

But it was one year later when the successor “H2” finally confirmed their project

Haldolium to be one of the major driving forces behind a musical development that

had rapidly taken off: Progressive Trance. That double CD became an epitome for

this style with its already remarkable musical maturity and independency that was

featured not only on the deep, groaning and organically rolling Trance part but also

on the sophisticated Ambient disc that included five very complex and

emotional compositions.

Rapidly becoming one of the most wanted Progressive acts during the following

years, Haldolium tracks like “2nd Movement”, “Be Real” or their remix of Pink Floyd’s

“One Of These Days” represent timeless anthems of this genre still being played at

parties today sometimes. But the two dudes did not rest on their laurels:

They consequently pursued the motto “progressive” and accordingly quite every

released track and especially all the following albums represented an ongoing musical

development. While experiments with vocalists, non-electronic instruments and in

fluences from club music might be quite usual for Progressive today, the two of them did important pioneer work in this respect.

Eventually it got a little quiet around Haldolium between 2007 and 2010. During this

period, the two dudes dedicated to certain other projects: Both finished their actually

best productions ever and became fathers of families thereby, Mario is now engaged in programming audio plugins for ProTools and both also enjoy ordinary, non-musical

hobbies like kite surfing or watching an exciting match of their favourite football club

Werder Bremen again. But of course their deep passion for music had never gone entirely.

In 2009, “Spring Is Far To Come“, the second album of Mario’s song-orientated downbeat

project Emou, was released. And finally the two of them could not resist creating some

solid dance floor music again as well. So the year 2010 kicked off with three up-to-date

versions of some of their greatest bangers. These gave a deLicious foretaste on what

to expect from future Haldolium productions: A recollection of basic skills, the project

shall become a reliable quality reference for driving, dark Progressive Trance again.