Hakim Guelmi

Montreal, Canada

Tech House, Techno

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It took two years for this 21 year old to transform from a regular raver and fan of E.D.M. to the man behind the decks.. Always fascinated by the world of arts by way of cinema, Guelmi was part of the masses that regularly visited Afterhour clubs, specifically Aria, in 2005. Inspired and influenced by local techno talents such as Creator and Preach, Guelmi quickly realized that electronic dance music was taking over cinema’s spotlight. Incorporating himself with Aria’s inner circle by promoting for the club for 6 months, his love for the scene kept being fostered by the people around him and the local and international DJs that graced Montreal with their talents.

Today, Guelmi has no reason not to feel very proud of his accomplishments. Considering James Holden, Sven Vath, Ritchie Hawtin and Danny Howells as his major international influences, Guelmi’s style has evolved into a bone-chilling dark, hybrid version of Techno, Tech-House and Minimal. Nitpicking the best of each genre, he manages to weave an energetic web of heart-pulsating beats making his set any dancer’s dream. Constantly practicing, his mixing technique exudes confidence. By organizing and promoting events for the Velvet Club since October ‘07, Guelmi has managed to play alongside international talents as Desyn Masiello, Tom Pooks, Preach … Hakim Guelmis fanbase keeps growing on a weekly basis and he has already begun to inspire younger first-steppers into the scene.

Proving his value and worth are a key element for the continuation of the growing electronic dance music scene, Hakim Guelmi looks to the future feeling positive and confident, knowing that it is his unbending determination that will bring him where he wants.