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Hady Basha

Beirut, Lebanon

Techno, Trance

Deep Cover, Spaceland Records, Under The Radar
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Hady Basha was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon … a country that was war torn between civil wars and other countries invasions , electricity , water even dj supplies were something that was hard to come across . at the age of 13 he was hanging out with his older brother and his friends who introduced him to the art of Dj-ing ,and from then on he was hooked. to be able to learn how to DJ he used to walk about 30 minutes to a discotheque back in the early 90’s , and rent the In Store Equipment for an hour to play and record… music have always been his passion , when it comes to EDM, Hady Basha plays every genre and style of : Techno, Trance an House .it wasnt until he moved to Detroit and met some legends on the scene , that he truley understood what being a DJ and a Producer means …. Hady is a self taught DJ and Producer and he knows there are dues to be paid and contributions to be made on the EDM scene… " to be Djing in Detroit, the Cradle of techno , and have the respect and support of the Detroiters is amazing…there are so many legends and legends in the making here that supply the drive, i have so much respect for DJs/Producers not only for their talent, but also for reshaping the EDM scene and constantly make it challenging.

Hady Basha is a down to earth guy , fun loving person , he was nick named by his friends as: The Energizer Bunny (thats where his logo comes from :) for his constant energy ..

his style is unique , from dark evil techno and house , to uplifting Trance !!!

“rubbing elbows and discussing production materials with ppl like PVD , Above n Beyond , Kevin Saunderson , Deadmau5 , Markus Schulz etc… has givin me insight and an amount of tips and hints that is PRICELESS.. I dont care about the money i never DJ for the money, talk to me about the gig and what kind of music you want me to play and any vision you have for your event so i help out ! "

Hady Basha has been played in Detroit , Cleveland, New York , Chicago and many more clubs & festivals in the state of Michigan

final words : " i really dont care about what position you get out of DJ voting sites, or how much money someone offers you for a gig, i love the crowd , love the music and when i am behind the deck, I am one of Them :) i interact and mess around with the crowd as if i am one of em :P