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Hackler & Kuch

Amsterdam, Netherlands


5stars Techno, Collision, Darknet
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Known for their loud, dark, deep and merciless productions, Hackler & Kuch are to be reckoned as one of the more daring Dutch-based Techno producers. Hackler & Kuch, real names Bo Andrée and Ernst vd Berg, started their career in 2009 as Dj’s. In 2010 they started their ‘Hackler & Kuch’ project in which they moved their focus towards peak time techno. By the end of 2010 they had their first works ready and In 2011 they released on platforms such as Ireland/Germany based Gobsmacked Records and UK based Transmissions.

Their first full album ‘Beethoven was deaf too!’ was released at US based Machine Box Records. After that they quickly made their way to other labels such as Rome’s The-Zone Records, where they released their well-received Duck & Cover EP, which included remixes from Austria’s Niereich, Italy’s Logotech and Germany based Cortechs. It was during the setup of this album that they got to know Niereich better, which proved to be a fruitful musical relationship. Shortly after, they released the Trans Lunar Injection EP together with him, which stayed in the Beatport top 100 techno for over a month. End 2011, Hackler & Kuch had their works released at big labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, TK Records, Construct Rhythm and The-Zone. The 2011 icon track Bombing Lessons on Torsten Kanzler’s TK records shook the underground techno scene and is still found in many sets across the techno scene, including ones played at big events like Mayday.

The Fallout EP in 2012 with Niereich, which was released as a vinyl on Construct Rhythm, was quick to sell out and was again played on big events such as Nature One, Toxicator and Mayday. The 2012 highlight was the set on Friday night main stage at Fusion Festival, a festival that is known all over the world as one of the best musical experiences within the electronic genre. End of 2012 Hackler & Kuch started their sell out Meltdown events, where they invited their friends like Industrialyzer, David Moleon and Axel Karakasis to play.

Now in 2013, Hackler & Kuch are finishing a fresh EP for Subfractal’s Frakture Audio and a big EP for Abstract, whom they recently joined forces with. Also Hackler & Kuch are joining forces again with Niereich and will present a double vinyl album in collaboration with Nachtstrom. To finish the album off, remixes are currently in the making by their friends A.Paul, Space Djz, Subfractal, Tex-Rec and Linus Quick. The Niereih vs. Hackler & Kuch extended it’s brand and remixes for Alex di Stefano and Sven Wittekind are on their way. Make sure to keep an eye out for this project.