Top 25k on The DJ List


Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

House, Progressive House


In the late 80s the East German Michael Haase discovered his passion for electronic music when listening to songs of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk or Anne Clark.

After the political break in 1989 and his move to Western Germany he was one of the first who provided East German Clubs and DJs with the newest records from the western record shops and helped the East German dancing scene to achieve very fast a new level in electronic dancing music.

In the late 90s Michael Haase started to focus more on his own career as a DJ. After playing at a lot of private parties he started to play in the clubs of Frankfurt and Mannheim. He released his first Mix-CDs. As he gained very fast popularity with his style also on an international level. He started to play in other European countries. In 2005 he was engaged by various clubs in Moscow (Russia) to play there. He reached very fast a high popularity due to his energetic and driving style Funky and Progressive House style but especially due to his combination of DJ Set and live performance. When playing in Progressive House Clubs he regularly uses a special effect device, the “KAOS PAD Entrancer” to enrich his Set with various effects, rhythms and loops. So he delivers a live-mixing performance to the crowd which is in todays time very rarely.

“During my DJ career I discovered that there is a real interaction between the music which I play and the dancing audience. As a DJ you can very good observe the mood of the crowd and navigate them in either the one or the other direction, you can push their vibrations higher or calm them down by creating atmosphere. Thats why I never play in advance prepared sets. I rather prefer to adapt to the vibrations of the people and then bring them in new spheres. When after the show somebody comes to me and tells me that I have “blown his mind”, I know that I have done a good job."