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H Variable

Sydney, Australia

Electro House, Electronica

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Music want’s to be CREATED.

Music never stops – if you’ll stop music in some place, it will start to play in your head, if you want to sleep and your mind is empty, you will hear music of the wind, or music of your lover’s heart,.. music of life.

music is a clean energy, because it fits just everyone’s needs, it feeds everyone’s heart. music has no religion, no politican points of view, can’t lie and can’t hide emotions. it’s a perfect, Universal language of “Humanity” Civilization. Music is an Universal Connector between any culture and any kind of humans. Music can bring together two strangers and make them friends forever. music is a soultrace, trace of a soul, who wrote her composition. music is a hope and triumph, music is a lifestyle and a way to go.

that’s why i’m in music. music want’s to be unique and beautifull, music want’s to connect human being hearts.

there so much instruments all over the world, so many different cultures and and ways of creating music – a combination of specific sound wavesб making human feel satisfactional emotions. my idea is to create new syle intercultural experimental electro music, with use of different ethnic ideas, worldviews and instruments.

music need’s to be felt, music want’s to be left in your heart forever and it’s a such a great feelling.

with love and respect,