Jason Nooning aka Dj Gyrus was born in 1981, in Philadelphia, a small yet lively town in the lower southern region of Pennsylvania. Having been born the youngest in a family of three sons, Gyrus quickly developed a growing interest in his elder brother’s passion for punk music as he reached his teenage years. Having an elder brother who happened to be lead guitarist for the towns most popular high school bands, the Crop Circle Terrorists, proved not only to be beneficial in terms of becoming popular, but a true source of inspiration musically.

Soon after he turned 16 years old, his elder brother purchased a set of turntables and a mixer, and began to practice and learn how to mix in Pittsburgh’s party scene. Although he wasn’t allowed to play with his elder brother’s decks, Gyrus instantly found the concept fascinating, and practically begged his brother to let him use his decks and teach him how to mix, however living on the other side of the state, Gyrus could only visit from time to time.

It wasn’t until the northern hemispheres summer of 2000, that Gyrus flew to London for a something different. Upon arriving in London, Gyrus was delighted to find an awe inspiring club scene in every sense, and after a little networking he managed to get his foot in the door at a tasteful uptown Bar/Nightclub called Belushi’s, which is situated alongside London Bridge, a mere stones throw from the Ministry of Sound. He started out working in the bar and began purchasing records almost immediately, practicing on the bars decks. A month later when the bar’s resident dj pulled out, Gyrus was asked to play. From there, Gyrus was offered a residency every Friday and Saturday night, playing 5 hour sets to the bars patrons. Approaching this art form with an appreciation for a wide variety of music, Gyrus began collecting deep, funky and vocal House, 2-Step and Breakbeats as well as uplifting Trance & Hard House. After almost a year, Gyrus decided to pursue a love interest he’d met in the UK and moved to Australia to be with her.

Having just left the UK’s impressive nightclub scene, Gyrus found Sydney’s to be more intimate and close knit. After careful planning and establishing key contacts in the entertainment industry through networking, Gyrus received an invitation to play at Frantic, a high profile event featuring international as well as local artists. Frantic proved to be a valuable learning experience, not just in terms of endeavoring to impress a much larger audience, but also of integrating one’s own personal style into the broader creative theme of each event. After having successfully demonstrated a passionate and creative flair for music, and an ability to ‘work the crowd’, Gyrus gained the honour of supporting a number of well respected internationals including K90, Phil Reynolds, Nick Sentience, Ed Real, The Disco Brothers, Vinylgroover, The Knuckleheadz and Skol.

Not long after debuting at frantic, Gyrus launched his first weekly nightclub event, Excess, at Eden Bar, an attractive two level venue in the middle of Sydney’s most popular nightclub zone, Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. Seeking to not only provide quality entertainment but to pioneer and also educate, Excess was a concept designed to provide a platform that would give talented up-and-comers the opportunity to showcase there own unique sound, play alongside established artists and ‘find there feet’ in gaining the confidence building experience of being able to play in a club environment on a professional sound system. During its 6 month existence, Excess unearthed a plethora of up-and-coming artists who have since gone on to play at a vast number of Sydney’s major weekly events including Sublime @ Home, Frantic @ Gas, Fly @ The Globe and Sounds on Sunday @ The Greenwood Hotel.

Expect the unexpected from someone whose motivation is pure passion, a new artist emerges.