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My name is Gustavo Eduardo González Michelena, aka Guzz DJ. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 19, 1960. I’m disc Jockey, speaker, technical draftsman, film critic, director and writer audiovisual.

My professional start as a DJ at a party on Saturday, October 15, 1977. I became an avid collector of vinyl records first and then CD’s.

In the late 70s, with Benjamin Uquillas and Ronald Carreño create mobile disco: “Free Motion”. Since the mid 80s, I started working in audiovisual production in Minerva Films, then Video Mix, Platino Productions, Zaphyro, Inter-set and finally Inter-Éxito, along with Carlos Perez, Carlos “Cursed” Padilla, Joseduardo Tovar and Adolfo López Sojo.

As speaker (certified on Saturday October 15, 1983, CL: 10,523), witnessed the end of the era of the great voices of the 70’s in my country, that inspired my later career as the voice of many brands, both as commercial audiovisual, the most significant: BAMBINO in 1988 ( Then I became the 2nd official voice FM commercial radio station in Venezuela: 95.5 FM in Caracas, from Saturday, September 9, 1989 until December 2012, after 23 years and adding knowledge grateful in some branches of jazz.

By that time, we reinvented by another name: “DJ’s”, whose innovation was the tiny size of the “furniture”. My first forays audio professionals, starting with analog tape (3/4 “U-matic and ¼” tape reel). Another miniteca would make his appearance: Dee Jay’s, this time associated with Juan Carlos Zamora. Dabbled in digital music, with the first software for composition and execution, direct to machine without external keyboards in one of the first personal computers: Commodore Amiga. All the 90s, I was director for Latin America audiovisual speech at Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International Inc.

In the mid-90s, I joined the new digital technology, mixing newly created programs for issues “off line” Apple video and the “burned” CD’s with external devices (Phillips) in the first digital discs. All these practices gave me the ability to use and understanding of emerging software and a rapid understanding of the technologies appear. In those days, with the encouragement and support of Andrés Franco, created “Fledermaus Discplay” first out of the dark of night, on Saturday October 28, 1995, this project applied everything learned.

I applied ideas that later became standards as notices for Minitheques backlit, custom slipmats, materials such as PVC and MDF for furniture, the use of LED lighting and stands for keyboards for new Discplays.

In 2008 “Fledermaus Discplay” ends and switch to “Guzz DJ” with which he remained until December 2013, when he decides to retire after 36 uninterrupted years.