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Guy Herman

Johannesburg, South Africa


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DJ NAME: Guy Herman

DJ SINCE: 1999


Guy Herman, South African Born DJ and producer, is fast becoming a contender in the international arena. Having spent 12 years at the forefront of the South African electronic dance music scene whilst playing alongside genuine global superstars,has seen his career go supernova! He is globally renowned for his passion, technical skills and ability to rock the dance floor. In addition, a burgeoning production career with releases on some of house musicʼs most popular labels, bookings in the UK, US and IBIZA as well as status as one half of SAʼs most illustrious DJ duo, The Pimp Squad, confirms that he has made his way to the pinnacle of the dance music industry in South Africa.

Guyʼs career began at the height of the explosive 90ʼs rave scene in Johannesburg, South Africa. The underground, cutting-edge dance culture of the late 90s was establishing itself in the new South Africa, and influenced the hedonistic, body-moving house that distinguishes Guy Hermanʼs music. He moved quickly into the professional arena and in 2001, he secured a place in the finals of The Technics Battle of the DJʼs. Following this success, he was given his first residency at Club 206, a venue that is globally recognized as a clubbing institution and has played host to some of the worldʼs finest acts. By playing alongside international acts of high quality,he built the solid foundations for what has become a legendary career.

His rapid growth as an experimental house DJ led to an important partnership that would leave an indelible mark in the development and movement of House in South Africa. In 2001, Sublime, a notoriously underground venue, saw two of its most popular residents, Guy Herman and Jon S, team up to form the legendary two-man DJ act, Pimp Squad. Playing simultaneously on four different decks, the deadly duo combined sampling and beat juggling to wow audiences across South Africa with their revolutionary sound.

The Pimp Squadʼs deep and dirty house, combined with a dynamic garage fuelled baseline and technical wizardry, took the South African club scene by storm. Soon, the Pimp Squad was accompanying world- famous DJs, such as Joey Youngman, Jason Hodges, Jake Childs, Jay West and Sexual Chocolate, on National tours of South Africa, demonstrating the growing popularity of the Pimp Squad brand.

In 2005, the release of “Deeper Sounds of Pimp Squad – Scandalous”, their debut CD mix compilation released by USM Records, shocked Clubland to its foundations. Their follow up album, “Pimp Squad Road Trip 2007” was equally successful and delivered fresh new sounds to their growing fan base.

Yet being a member of the Pimp Squad did not diminish his hunger to stand on his own as one of South Africaʼs best DJʼs. In 2005, Guy secured a much coveted weekly residency at JHBʼs super club “Truth”, playing weekly for crowds of up to two thousand people. His popularity saw him become a celebrity DJ in many respects, playing at all the biggest venues across South Africa in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Nelspruit and Pietermaritzburg. A focus on touring as well as playing regular mixes on popular radio shows, namely 5fm and Yfm, have been instrumental making Guy Herman a household name. The fame and respect that he has received throughout his career has ensured that he has played alongside the worlds top DJʼs and producers, including Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Wally Lopez, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Stanton Warriors, Dieselboy, Inland Knights and Paul Van Dyk.

While his credentials as a performer are impeccable, he has always looked to expand his repertoire within the industry. In 2005, Guy began producing and releasing his own music. He quickly signed several record deals and has amassed an impressive discography of releases and remixes on both South African and international imprints such as Funkfield, Junky Trunk, Down South Music, Buzz Cut, Grooved Music and Second Session.

In 2008, his genre-bending remix of quasi-fidget bomb “What’s My Name” spent almost two months on both the DJ Download and Stompy Top 100 Download Charts. That same year, “Hectic Days”, a collaboration with Jay West sporting a classic funk sample, dirty acidic baseline and inspired hip hop vocals, hit the mark and enjoyed heavy rotation in the sets of some of the worldʼs leading underground DJs. Guy has increased his production output to become one of the finest, most sought after remixers in the current house music landscape. His tracks and remixes have gained consistent support from the likes of Mark Farina, Bryan Jones, Jason Hodges, Joey Youngman, Jay West,

Lawnchair Generals, Inland Knights, DJ Heather, Collette, Nate Laurence, Patrick Cresswell, Sexual Chocolate and Jonty Scruff.

He made his international debut in Chicago in April 2008 for the renowned Chi party brand music 101, alongside Andre Harris, Lady D and Ron Carroll. 2009 saw successful UK and Ibiza tours playing at clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Inigo, Bar Sia and Khanya Beach Bar.

During the latter half of 2009, he was recruited to spearhead his own 2- hour weekly radio show. He conceptualised, compiled and presented “The Movement”, showcasing interviews and guest mixes from the likes of Frank Lorber, Nick Curly, Ramon Tapia, Wally Lopez, Emerson Todd and Mowgli alongside his personal selection.

Guy Herman is a true entertainer of the highest pedigree. He is a performance DJ and producer who pushes the boundaries of sight and sound with the singular goal of rocking dance floors all over the world.